Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Safe in Uncle's arms....

We had Michael here all night so Robert and his wife Brandy could go out with friends and family. Robert leaves on Thursday for basic training. I still don't have my head wrapped around that. Anyway, Michael slept very well....as long as we were holding him. Everytime we laid him down he would rouse himself after about 20 minutes of sleep, and of course we would NOT allow him to be even remotely unhappy! :-) He is very active, but he would sleep happily for a few hours in our arms. I'm not complaining! I'm praying that Robert...who we met when he was 13, has lived with us and calls us mom and dad.....gets himself together. Let's just say that the Lord said, "Karen...I've given you 2 easy boys. Let's try something else." This tiny boy has made a difference. It was sweet to see daddy set up the bed and swing, and tell me all of the things that daddies and mommies know about their little ones. And this little one is beautiful, wouldn't you say? Praise God for such miracles!

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Dave. said...

Beautiful indeed!
Praise God from whom all blessings flow.