Wednesday, November 30, 2005


It amazes me that some of my artwork that I've posted here goes with many of my thoughts...even though the art was done for various clients. The pictures of the concrete floors that I've painted with faux stone, faux mosaics, painted pearl necklaces, etc....all were just images done for people with no thought but design...but they illustrate thoughts that then permeate my mind in deeper, spiritual ways. I think that's how we need to remember our Father's role in our lives...we have the mundane everyday stuff we have to do for one reason or another, but to remember that He is in EVERYTHING. That all we do, say, live...exists because of, and for Him.
Each thought, action, word, is like one stone by itself...and when put together in that mosaic of our lives becomes a firm structure..but only if that stone is strengthened by His mortar. Building our lives one stone at a time and remembering that He's the One that holds it all together.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

True Living Waters

I was so down yesterday, and trying to deal with so much. In the mail came my copy of 'Misquoting Jesus; The Story Behind Who Changed the Bible and Why' by Bart Ehrmann. My oldest son and I just finished Truth and Fiction in the Da Vinci Code by the same fellow. We read it essentially in one day.
I started this book, and the author, whom I respect considerably. (I have a lecture tape series by him on the NT)
He reveals, I think that although "born again" as a teen, he now believes, from his studies that he believes in God, but that Jesus is an apocalyptic prophet not necessarily the Son of God. That's me reading between his lines.
That was scary stuff. Was I going to come to the same conclusion should I delve into this stuff? If I have the audacity to read the gnostic gospels as sources of academic study, am I a heretic? I thought, my friend Patchouli will surely understand this..will my friend Connie? What will I say to Connie?
So, God gives Connie a Word to call me this morning!
Thank God...she's obedient!
And what a wonderful conversation! Thank you, Connie....He is so good to us! The more I get into this the closer I feel to Him, to Jesus, to the truth...It's like nuzzling up against Him and knowing Him more and more. The Source quotes Jesus as saying, "You overly critical, hair-splitting, pedantic religious types!" Truth! Stop using the Bible as an idol and start seeing the truth of the words in it and LIVE it! Breath it! Embrace who He is...He is EXISTENCE! He was and is and is to come! Stop beating these words into the ground and rise up out of that dusty ground and see HIM.
I believe we are on a path back to where He wants us to flat are those self-help "Christian" books that entice us to make God in our image, to make Him our puppet?
Connie spoke of the depth of words in old hymns. So true! God is showing me that our generation is flattening Him and stuffing Him in this box, this cube. He shows me that He is like an onion, with incredible layers to be peeled back not only to see Him, but to see us as He sees us. And what is an onion in our nature, but a blood-purifier? A detoxifier? Amazing grace!
I thank Him for this morning, I thank Him for my sisters, and the freedom He gives us to actively PURSUE Him, knocking over tables, being driven from the synagogues, being called heretical. BRING IT ON...if it brings us closer to Him and His blessed Son. Praise God.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Healing garden....

Take time to sit with Him and heal. Try to forgive. Try to see past the small things and see Him beyond the Book, beyond the talk, beyond the seen. He is the reality.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

REbELLioUs cHiLd

Some days its like lookin' in a mirror.......

Saturday, November 26, 2005

It'll grow back, right?

I got a new haircut last week...I've been getting it cut shorter and shorter. The pic the gal showed me had a woman with this fetching, tousled cut. Her face was the same shape as mine, her hair, the same auburny color. Her eyes even looked like mine. Of course, her cells were much younger than mine...
Anyway, I'm still using the chair and whip to try to get behave. Often it is quite chic, quite stylin'. Other times I look like the unfortunate offspring of Meg Ryan and Bozo the Clown.
It'll grow back, right?


I sometimes forget why I thought Christians were such a pain in the rear before I was a Christian. Now I remember. Some of them ARE a pain in the rear.
It's the judgment. The condemnation. The insistence on seeing everything eye to eye or you just don't "have it." The failure of me or others to measure up.
The only truth is Him. Everything else is butter on the toast. We need to see where we agree, not disagree. I certainly will not sit here and say, "He's saved, she's not. She's saved, he's not." That's not my call. It's His. I cannot expend my energy worrying about what I or someone else believes unless it hurts another human being. And that is what makes some Christians a pain in the rear.
My purpose is known to Him and to me. I'm an encourager. I have been blessed with many gifts. He has been so good to me. I harbor no resentment, no anger, no jealousy about the gifts of others. I revel in the gifts of others, and nothing makes me happier than to see someone take a beautiful picture, write a good essay, paint something awesome, get totally passionate about a cause, or sing beautifully. There is no place for jealousy in the Kingdom. All good things come from Him, and to deny or resent these things is to deny or resent Him. Revel in the gifts of others. Encourage them. It's a true blessing.


Expectations about the perfection of the season. Ornaments have to be just right...some of them definitely need to be motorized. Now we have trees with lights already on them. Just pop that sucker out into the living room and decorate her up.
Sadness seems to be a pervading factor in holidays. The expectations, the ridiculous gift giving. It's great to give gifts, but when people are fighting in the aisles for a laptop...then we have the circus of the absurd.
I lost 2 of my favorite women around this time of year. My mom and my grandma. 2 wonderful women; but fortunately I had time to wrap around them and let them know how much I loved them before they died. I had a Word that they would die, and when they would die, I think because the Lord wanted me prepared. He knew how much they meant to me.
Other folk have sadness around this time for one reason or another. Hopefully we can pull ourselves out of our selves and remember to walk gently and help each other at this time instead of thinking we're the only ones in pain. Hopefully we can walk like Him and walk past our selfishness. Hopefully, we can look past the tree.

Friday, November 25, 2005


It really is a virtue. One that I've had to learn over the years. Pre-Jesus I walked in judgment and arrogance. Still do to an extent, I know. But, many friends and family members have seen what He has done in my life to help free me of this. That will be a never-ending journey....
...because, something happens to bring back frustration, anger, and hurt. I wiped my other blog completely off the web because of judgment of me and my life. I felt exposed, vulnerable, and condemned. That's on me....I'll need to get over that. So, right now I'm trying to be calm and remember that He loves me, He's called me, I am His daughter and He knows my hurt, my anger, and most of shortcomings. He is my shelter in the storm.