Saturday, November 26, 2005


Expectations about the perfection of the season. Ornaments have to be just right...some of them definitely need to be motorized. Now we have trees with lights already on them. Just pop that sucker out into the living room and decorate her up.
Sadness seems to be a pervading factor in holidays. The expectations, the ridiculous gift giving. It's great to give gifts, but when people are fighting in the aisles for a laptop...then we have the circus of the absurd.
I lost 2 of my favorite women around this time of year. My mom and my grandma. 2 wonderful women; but fortunately I had time to wrap around them and let them know how much I loved them before they died. I had a Word that they would die, and when they would die, I think because the Lord wanted me prepared. He knew how much they meant to me.
Other folk have sadness around this time for one reason or another. Hopefully we can pull ourselves out of our selves and remember to walk gently and help each other at this time instead of thinking we're the only ones in pain. Hopefully we can walk like Him and walk past our selfishness. Hopefully, we can look past the tree.

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