Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday? I think...

I've lost track of time. I have one more day off, then back at it. Nice week in all. Thanksgiving at my dad's. (We took food up to his place) Decorated a little tree for him and my step mom.

Actually got nearly half way through a book! The Visitation by Frank Peretti. I'm laboring through it a bit. He usually has way too many characters, it's a bit long...and I have a hard time keeping up if I'm not reading every day. But, getting halfway through a novel is, well, novel for me.

I enjoy the FB experience, it's still just a little...either too much or too little. Kind of cyber voyeurism. It's an amazing little invention. Sometimes I think about shutting it down, kind of like what we all go through with blogging. We do that when we feel a little too vulnerable, the too "glass-housey" feeling.

I seem to be spending a lot of time alone lately, which seems to suit me. I have 2 new doggies to spend time with. They are very sweet, and I'll be adding pictures soon. We went out to look at the Husky Shepherd mix (like we were just gonna 'look') and ended up taking her and a chocolate lab puppy (8 months now). They said he was a mix. I just don't see it. He is so much like a chocolate male Gracie, it's unreal. He even responds to commands that I inadvertedly say that only she knew. He's tall and slim and sweet. I didn't want a Husky, a German Shepherd, a male, nor a lab. I got 'em all. The Husky was a bit of a challenge--she thought she was the Alpha dog....we set that straight....but she is turning into such a sweet girl. Walking was the problem, but that's better. Anyway, they are good company, and very loving.

Do you ever just need to be by yourself? I guess Jesus needed that, why wouldn't we? I've been spending the time thinking about being well. Getting massages that are breaking up some connective tissue issues; reading; walking. Time of reflection?

My neighbor and I had a run in again. I saw him in my yard and driveway blowing his tree's fallen leaves back over to his yard. I had a cup of coffee in my hand and felt the HS leading me to talk to him. I went over to him (he was back in his yard) and said hi. I smiled and told him not to bother with the leaves...they weren't bothering's fall, after all, and it is a beautiful tree. He stared at me and said, "Why are you all up in my business? Why are you here?"

So much for following that HS lead..... :-/

I hope you have an awesome week! I'm going to visit your blogs, now!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Unrestful Sunday....

I'm in a snarky mood today. Seeing selfishness, judgment, meanness, mockery, entitlement. All very ugly. Some personal problems that are very painful.

I lost my minister that I would be calling right about now. He would call me in similar circumstances. Ironic that we saw each other very little. Phone was our communication. Just hearing his voice on the other end brought me a little closer to hearing God's words to me. Mike had one foot (or more) in the spiritual world. I miss him keenly.

Husband's work is way affected by the economy right now. Their customers are waiting on Obama money and are not purchasing. This is so indicative of what happens when the government steps in. Thomas Sowell, in "Vision of the Anointed" gives statistical fact about what happens to a society when the government intervenes. It simply creates more neediness and poverty. We will be taking a salary hit in December. All employees are required to take unpaid vacation in December. They are employing these methods to avoid any layoffs.

Although I'm not supposed to be working full-time, I've been subbing full time to offset salary cuts, and am going to apply for certification to teach. I'll be working toward a Special Ed certification since those jobs are hard to fill. My doctor is not pleased, but it's about all I can do now to help rebuild our retirement and anticipate tax increases thanks to Mr. Obama.

Art is very sketchy now. Punny. No one wants to pay a reasonable rate for murals. I had one woman, who lives very nicely in a very large house, offer me $75 to paint a small mural in her kitchen. That's okay, they exhaust me anyhow. Takes me 3 days to rest up now, after painting a large one.

This has been a season of losses, of illness, of frustration and alone-ness. I'm feeling spiritually bereft. Can you tell? ;-)

It will change, it always does.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Those special people....

I'm posting his name.....Michael Stephen Dunn. My friend and brother in Christ. Sometimes people come into your life that change the way you think about life, God, living, ministering.
Mike did that for me and for many others....some who may not even know that the man was praying for them. Mike passed away today from struggling with the effects of chemo on his body.
He is finally where he has always wanted to the arms of our Creator.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

It's Crazy....

I am such a FB addict now. It's like cyber-voyeurism. Catch a glimpse of everyone's day. Will anyone comment on my status, or comment on a comment on a comment (or how much I wish I hadn't liked your status because I have 80 notifications about it)?

It's crazy.

I need to get back to blogging. It's the deeper stuff I need. I always sort of scoffed at journals and such...we were forced to journal in jr. high and high school. I'm not the sort who likes to be forced to do anything.

Blogging is journaling by choice, and I need to journal more.

I need to read your thoughts...the ones that you haven't just typed in while waiting for an appointment or a coffee. Those are important...but it's the more orchestrated ones that intrigue me the most.

FB is sort of the flesh.....blogging is the soul.