Thursday, March 26, 2009

My breaking heart

My sweet and beautiful lab, Gracie, has kidneys that are failing. The vet hasn't given up on her yet, and we will take her one more day tomorrow for IV fluids. I beat myself up because I should have seen signs (that really weren't there) and been more vigilant. I have had her on a strict kidney diet and she gets lots of love, play, and exercise. All she exhibited was pickiness in food, not wanting to eat her kidney diet food; but would happily eat anything else. But, we knew she had kidney problems from birth and they had given her about a year to live. She's 5 and a half now. I am struggling so hard. This beauty saved my life.....but I don't think I can save hers.

Monday, March 16, 2009


Well, my chiropractor never got back with me...and I haven't called him back. I don't want to mess with someone who is not committed, you know what I mean? I'm taking all the steps that I knew he'd prescribe anyway, except I'm not close to giving up chicken or fish.
I've been juicing every day. Connie is too, and we can bounce recipes back and forth...I pretty much stick to an anti-inflammatory recipe with ginger for arthritis. I also drink Pau d'arco tea with....100% organic catnip added. You heard me. I'm tellin' you, it is a safe and relaxing herb--unless I am allergic to it. So far, so good. I researched it mahself. Pain relief without the side effects...and my hands are feeling normal. I've also lost about 5 pounds.
I walk a mile a day.
I'm cleaning up my stinkin' thinkin' and looking forward, and laughing when it's hard to physically move forward.
So much to be grateful for, so many blessings. Gives me energy to be praying for my stepmom, brother, Ann, Bob, Barbara, Keven, Paige and hubby, and all of you who mean so much to me.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Here's my boy, and his proud dad looking on during a visit a couple weeks ago. Robert's
grandmother passed away this week, so it's been rough on all of them. Robert ships out on the 15th of April to Iraq. I'm pretty much not happy about that.