Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday nite...

I'm volunteering tomorrow and Wednesday at the school I've been subbing for. It's special needs and it's hard to find people to that pays less, as well. I don't sub on M&W, gotta get kid to school at 12:30. So, I'll just go in a few hours and be able to come and go when I need. I'll sub there probably the rest of the school year. I like the kids and the teachers. One teacher is a neighbor; her daughter has always had liver problems, had a partial donor a few years ago. She ended up in the hospital with emergency surgery and they found a mass on her liver; it's being biopsied. Please keep Felicia and her family in prayer. She is in college, and this is so hard for her parents. I can't imagine the anxiety over a sick child. Counting my blessings.

I got yet another letter from the scoutmaster. It's been 3 weeks since I got it and I just don't have it in me to answer. I asked them to stop, told them that it's OVER. They keep on. It's close to harassment. Then, I went ahead and filled out an application to re-join so I could help on Eagle boards and one of the contentious fellows sent me an email telling me all the hoops I have to jump through to get it filed with Council. I had to tell him that all Council needs is the app. I'm tired of their nonsense.

I'm having my trees in the back (the ones that caused all the problems last year) removed. It's been a painful and hard decision. The arborists (2 of them )told me that they were healthy last year. I had a guy come out from the same company look at them and he said they are developing some problems. They have been through a lot...excess pruning, french drains being put in (absolute necessity). I looked at them one day last week and realized that they are HUGE and nearing the end of their life cycle. They are around 26-27 years old. The average age for this type of Ash is about 30 years. They are problematic in that they drop leaves in the spring, branches, they are humongous for the size of our yard, and the bottom line is that I don't want them falling on anyone's property and harming anyone or anything. The tree guy agreed with me. Thanks, Connie, for not batting an eye when I suggested removing them--that really helped. Now, I just have to get through the upcoming thunderstorms and winds this week (I'm neurotic enough to fear them deciding to drop at the last moment!!) and feeling the nostalgic pangs of removing the trees my kids grew up on. Good news is, that even before this, neighbor and I have started getting along better. That's a relief. He will be happy they are gone, and I won't have to worry about liability or hazards any longer.

Have a great week! I've been absent, but I'm reading your blogs. Check in here and tell me how you REALLY are! Keep KB and Ann in prayer for all they are going through with her Baclofen (sp?) pump. Keep Helen and her family in prayer for some struggles. Let me know how to pray for you, too.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


...I just haven't been blogging. Nothing clever to say, I guess. Just lurking on all of yours. Lots of stuff going on in my mind and in our lives right now. Blessings to all of you! Welcome warmer weather!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Wonderful Spring!

I'm so sorry if you're having snow still! We had it last week, but it's been glorious here!
Gracie and I finally got out for our walk around 3pm; we had errands and chores to attend to. Getting ready to work in the yard, went to the store, went to the nursery for corn gluten meal and some natural weed killer. All the spring smells. Ahh...allergy time! I took my camera out to get some cool shots of Gracie on our nature walk, but the battery croaked 3 pictures in. She wouldn't stay still after I gave her the "free dog" go ahead, so all you'll see of her is her butt running by. The pictures don't tell the story of how green it's getting here.
Take heart...spring is coming your way!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

10 things today. . . .

It was a.....non-work day. So, I thought I'd write 10 things that happened today.

1. Woke from a very interesting spiritual dream that I liked bunches.
2. Fought with my computer; tried to copy some artwork files to a CD (something I do lots of times) and it wouldn't work. After many tries??
3. Got a blazing migraine. See #2??
4. Took G to school, grabbed a coffee
5. Went to the store, almost lost the milk on the driveway.
6. Grabbed the grandbaby for a couple hours so mommy could rest with her migraine--something in the air??
7. Roasted a chicken and some potatoes for dinner
8. Picked G up from school.
9. Talked to Pat on the phone. :-D
10. Talked to a teacher I'm subbing for tomorrow, hope migraine is gone by then :-/.

What stuff did you do today? Was it a good day? Hope so!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

How about when yer face is just being smacked?

I've had to put the last post to the test in the last week.

I emailed a concern to my kid's scout troop, after receiving the last committee meeting minutes with a list of all the boys who could be close to Eagle rank in a "Target Eagle" report. It contained their personal info, rank and badge needs, and time til they turn 18. I responded via email that I had a concern that our troop was treating the Eagle rank as the goal of scouting. The committee chairman emailed back thanking me for reminding us of the aims and methods of scouting and listed those out. Great response, really. I thanked him very much in a final email. I got a couple of emails from parents thanking me for my "appropriate comments" and that this had been a concern of theirs as well.

You wouldn't believe what has ensued. The scoutmaster cornered my husband at the last meeting and confronted him on the email and why his wife was "blasting" the troop. Hubby told him to contact me.

The rank advancement person emailed me, firing questions at me, and telling me he and I disagreed. I responded that it was just a concern, not a personal indictment against anyone--an observation. We've had a couple kids quit scouts because they knew they wouldn't make Eagle, so they quit. I told him that the email that had answered me was great.

Thought that was it. Got an email from the scoutmaster asking why I hadn't contacted him about my "complaint" and "conflict" and the "changes" that I wanted to make. A meeting was required before anything could be settled. He sent a two page letter to the head guy...and in it he stated that he had polled troop members and their parents about the email and their thoughts. He states that no one agrees with me. (I never heard from them) So, basically, he has been hard at work behind my back. I told him I wasn't going to contact him because a meeting wasn't necessary. It was over.

Now, I've gone from being bewildered to absolutely livid about this whole thing. My public email wasn't odd, there have been many emails about concerns....and some have even been kind of ugly and chastising toward one person or another. Believe me folks....there are old scouters on that list and if they had thought I was out of line, I would have been set straight. None of them responded. My hubby stated that when a public email goes out, anyone has the right to publicly respond--as long as it's polite, of course. I've run my email past people I consider as accountability people and to a former director of operations person to see if it was confrontational in nature. Nada. I thought that it was over...and over in a very Scoutly manner when the Committee Chair sent the very nice email back.

So. . .I've been trying very hard not to be angry. It's hard. I'm also discouraged that no one has stood up with me, or even for me. I spoke an opinion...and said it was my 2 cents worth, and I thought it was all handled very nicely in the beginning. My final email to the scoutmaster was one of disbelief that this had been given so much time and energy. I said that I believed that it was taken care of at the very beginning--and that any conflicts that have ensued have been because of what has transpired since then. But because I felt the troop spirit could be hurt, I offered to send a public apology for sending the email.

What else could I do?

Monday, March 03, 2008

When a hand of the Body is smackin' yer face. . .

I was talking with a friend and, earlier this week, with another woman who was hurt by her church. I've walked that walk myself. We all have walked it out with the attitude of forgiveness--understanding that all people are flawed and human and we all seem content at times to stay quiet in that loving place.

However, Jesus got a tad bit riled up a time or two himself, and he had no qualms about speaking the Truth to people who have erred.

Somehow, we always seem to be presented with the same situations over and over again. Why? What are we supposed to do when we hit that brick wall again and again?

What's the definition of insanity? ;-D

I think that it's good to forgive. I think it's good to have patience. I think it's very nice to sacrifice our own feelings if our family, husband, wife, or friends, etc., are all enjoying the experience--in fact, GROWING in the very same church experience that might be hurting us and others.

I don't think it's okay to keep hurting.

I think that we have to walk in the Truth and stop being doormats for the Body. God loves us to serve, like Jesus served, and to be loving and loved, but surely He doesn't want us to be hurt repeatedly.

Therein lies the thing: if we keep walkin' it over and over, what does that mean?

It can mean one of two things:

Maybe WE need to change our actions. Perhaps it is OUR behavior that is causing us to be hurt in the church situation. Is it pride? Is it selfishness or ego? We have to consider this. Then, we have to get right with ourselves and tell it like it is--change our way--being kind to ourselves in the process.


If we truly know that it is the church's wrong way of treating folks that is the problem, maybe it means we're supposed to be loving reminders and perhaps, if need be, correctors. There is nothing wrong with stepping up and naming the elephant in the middle of the room. Tell it--kindly and firmly--but tell it if it needs to be told.

Doing so may take more love, wisdom, and guts than sitting back and trying to bite our tongues.
Afraid of being labeled a troublemaker? Hm. Get over it. What crucified fellow was also labeled as such? Speak the Truth, walk the Truth, humbly, kindly, honestly, firmly.

I think we have a responsibility to do so.

Jesus, for all His humility and lovingness, certainly wasn't a pushover. We don't have to be, either.