Wednesday, March 12, 2008

10 things today. . . .

It was a.....non-work day. So, I thought I'd write 10 things that happened today.

1. Woke from a very interesting spiritual dream that I liked bunches.
2. Fought with my computer; tried to copy some artwork files to a CD (something I do lots of times) and it wouldn't work. After many tries??
3. Got a blazing migraine. See #2??
4. Took G to school, grabbed a coffee
5. Went to the store, almost lost the milk on the driveway.
6. Grabbed the grandbaby for a couple hours so mommy could rest with her migraine--something in the air??
7. Roasted a chicken and some potatoes for dinner
8. Picked G up from school.
9. Talked to Pat on the phone. :-D
10. Talked to a teacher I'm subbing for tomorrow, hope migraine is gone by then :-/.

What stuff did you do today? Was it a good day? Hope so!


Milly said...

1. got the kids off to school
2. went back to bed
3. scrubbed the floor
4. ate lunch
5. got ready for work
6. let my son in
7. talked to the boy
8. talked to the husband
9. went to work when upon I
got into a disagreement with a couple of bosses. I hate the momma daddy game. Apologized to one and explained that I was too busy to talk about the problem on the phone. He understood. Talked to my boss about the situation we agreed that it needed to be argued in an office not over the phone or in front of my customers and I don’t want to be any part of the discussion.

10. Clocked out went home ate dinner read some stuff in the blog zone and some stuff that I wrote then cleaned up and went to bed.

Missy said...

1. I poured one kid into clothes and carried him downstairs
2. Against the pleas and tears, wrangled off a pair of legwarmers past the 5-days-in-a-row barrier
3. chased a bus that never stopped
4. drove, I mean slid, to school
5. napped (hubby out of town the 2 previous evenings and I was positive an intruder was in my attic - so no sleeping)
6. did a few loads of laundry
7. a sink of dishes
8. cooked a fantabulous dinner
9. spent 2 intimate hours in the Word with some sisters
10. blogged and answered phone calls for work in-between #'s 4 through 9.

It was a good day.

Hope today was migraine free. :)

Don R said...

Same ole same ole. I like the picture change. That's the person I see at McChurch!

karen said...

LOL...women are full of duties...guys...same ole....!

Migraine free and workin'!
Thanks Don...time for a change.
I love seeing what you guys do because I can "picture" you at your daily routine...except I can't picture Milly much because she WON'T SHARE! I picture that little cartoon woman running around!

Milly said...

I picture that little cartoon woman running around!

That's pretty much what I look like only with longer hair and glasses.

Missy said...

K - I like seeing the light on your face! Great pic.

You, too, Milly. :)

Kansas Bob said...

11. You blogged about your day :)

Ditto the comments about your new blog pic ... nice update.

I am headed off to cook some hotdogs for our church Easter egg hunt.. and it is snowing :(

karen said...

snow...ouch. sorry 'bout that, KB.
Thanks for the pic compliments.
milly, still having trouble picturing you...although that drawing rocks. Did Miss Littles do that?