Thursday, May 21, 2009


Just back from the vet for acupuncture for Gracie; we haven't checked her kidney numbers in a couple of weeks--decided that she's feeling good, eating, playing, etc., and there's not anything more we can do for her than we're already doing. I've got her routine down pretty good. Dr. says it appears she isn't in any pain, etc., and I think that's true because she knocks me over in the morning to get outside to play. I think they are surprised.
We are really blessed! Thanking God, and thank you so much for prayers and good thoughts!
I have no idea when or how things will happen (who does about anything?), which has been a valuable lesson through all of this. We are learning to take things a day at a time. Or, at least, still trying.

Things I've learned from Gracie:

Greet the new day with anticipation.
Play whenever you can.
Greet everyone as a friend.

Look at the same old things as if they're new.
Nap when possible.
Get some sun.

Walk. A lot.
Live in the moment.
Live with joy.

Added "listen." She does that very well....

Friday, May 08, 2009

Fear mongers

I went into a class yesterday morning to pull out a couple of special needs kids; the class is Hispanic, but all the kids speak English very well. These are some of the kids that I adore. I subbed for that teacher for a week and brought home all kinds of handmade and hand-picked flowers, rocks, and paper dolls, given as gifts to me. That'll rock your world. These are some of the kids that mob-hug me. I was subbing in PE and 12 of them rushed me. Thank God they were all around me or they'd have taken me down! About 600 pounds of kid smacking into me yelling, "MS D!!!"
I love it, of course.
Anyway, as I was in the class about 4 of them ran up to hug me, and the teacher pulled me aside and told me that the folks that run a not-to-be named organization from the local hotel behemoth come into the classrooms to conduct little seminars for the kids. She said they asked the teacher if, before they came, she could tell the kids not to hug them. You know...Hispanic kids, swine flu, etc. The teacher said, "How was I supposed to tell these kids not to hug? What should I say?" I asked, "What DID you do?" She laughed and said she gathered the kids around and told them, "Class, the nice ladies that come to school today are from a hotel. Sometimes, since there are all kinds of people from all over in hotels, they could be carrying certain viruses or 'bugs.' I don't want you to get sick, so when they come, it's probably better not to hug them!" She said the kids all got wide-eyed and said, "OK!"
HA HA!! When the ladies came, the kids sat at their seats and waved sweetly. When they left, they waved sweetly good-bye. And the "ladies" never knew that THEY were the verboten ones!