Saturday, September 06, 2014

Rekindling life

Wow. My blogs are kind of dead in the water. Do my friends still blog? I know it's revived for students and teachers, but Facebook and Twitter really have taken over.

So, I'm a full-fledged teacher now. Took 4 state exams in about a year or so and worked my butt off to get certified. I'm wondering if, at my age, this is a wise thing! A couple colleagues want me to retire with them--but they're a bit younger than I--I had to inform them that I'd be around 72 if I did that! HA! No plans to do that, unless I'm spry and teaching art. I'm going with God's plan, not mine. He seems to be doing pretty well for me, so far.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Shake ups

Just found out the teacher I work with..a young and outstanding lady, has been transferred to another school, so my future is a bit shaky at the school I love. Who knows who they'll pair me with. We'll see how it goes. I was sorely disappointed in the responses from our team members to her email about her move. They were mechanical and unfeeling. Most people don't "get" Kim...I do, and she is all about the kids. Highly organized at 26.....a little OCD, so when people enter her calm and tidy opposed to other Special Ed appears little is being done. That's simply not the truth. The girl can think on her feet, wing it, and create something amazing just to reach one get to where she needs to be to reach him or her. We became good friends and it saddens me that people can't see the hard working Kimmie I see. Is it jealousy? Unopened hearts? I don't know.
I keep trying to study for my certification tests, but I'm just unmotivated. If I become a teacher, my time will be consumed with teaching chains instead of teaching freedoms, which I have now with what I do for the school, and for the kids with my critical thinking club. I won't have time for that...but I'm still in the need for furthering my financial freedom.
I think about how the disciples felt when Jesus left them to go after someone else. Kim keeps her eye on the one kid that's about to move beyond help, ignoring what others think...and Jesus goes after the one lost sheep.
I know there was jealousy and resentment of some degree. Maybe if we were all focused on the ones who need us, we wouldn't be concerned with what we think WE'RE missing.....

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Summer....into the heat of things...

Summer is here, thank goodness! What a year! I have to say I've been blessed immensely through a lot of stuff. I know many of you have suffered trials. I hope that you are experiencing some peace and comfort through them.
I've been pushing through things I don't want to happen to try to get to the things I want to happen. Things in the Spring are new and fresh...and promising....Summer comes...the heat gets turned up and the uncomfortable broiling begins....the test of how much you can take and how uncomfortable things have to get before you will try to change them.
I've always liked the heat. I think I can handle this frying pan--with His leading.

Saturday, March 17, 2012


Spring break is just about over...I didn't get as much done as I had hoped. I did a LOT of up at my usual time...the dogs just won't let me sleep...and that's okay. Time for coffee and talking to Father.

I have so many friends that need prayer....Tommy, Diane, and Nanette need healing from cancer, Theresa needs a transplant, others need JOBS and provision, marriages need healing, parents need help.

Spent the day with Connie yesterday and it was one of the best days in a long while...lunch, singing worship songs, laughing....fellowship is good for the soul....I seem to forget that from time to time.

Enjoy this's rebirth, resurrection, taking deep breaths and moving forward.....

Sunday, March 04, 2012

March already

The year is moving too fast, and I am moving too slow.

On the positive side, I'm getting fit-er and losing weight. I feel better physically and am not as tired during the day. The lupus flare seems to have lessened as well, although I have a lovely butterfly rash on my face that adds to the wonderful-ness of aging. Thank God for aloe and makeup.

I've spent more time in introspection than I have on the struggles of others...and I don't like that. Focusing on my own problems, faults, and other boring bits is not why I'm here.

The pain that others are going through is palpable. Friend Kathy has lost all of her original family, I think. Mom, sister, brother and dad all within an unreasonable time period. My heart aches for her.

Kansas Bob and his lovely wife Ann are struggling as well. I think about them daily as they walk this journey out.

Others are going through other painful trials. We all are. When we pull out of our own stuff, and concentrate on making someone else smile, everyone heals just a little bit.

Walked dogs at least 7 miles this weekend. Spring at the lake here has sprung. If anyone cannot believe in the resurrection, just point them to the dead looking brances and trees....they are a yearly reminder that our lives are in cycle all the time..and that rebirth is a fact of our lives here in this realm, as well as in the next.

Time to focus on rebirth.