Saturday, September 06, 2014

Rekindling life

Wow. My blogs are kind of dead in the water. Do my friends still blog? I know it's revived for students and teachers, but Facebook and Twitter really have taken over.

So, I'm a full-fledged teacher now. Took 4 state exams in about a year or so and worked my butt off to get certified. I'm wondering if, at my age, this is a wise thing! A couple colleagues want me to retire with them--but they're a bit younger than I--I had to inform them that I'd be around 72 if I did that! HA! No plans to do that, unless I'm spry and teaching art. I'm going with God's plan, not mine. He seems to be doing pretty well for me, so far.


KC Bob said...

Congrats Karen! Your school got a great teacher!

Mark D said...

Congrats, Karen!!!

karen said...

Thanks guys!

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