Sunday, September 21, 2014

Long week

Long week this past week--teaching is more about juggling demands from the district and parents than teaching. Teaching is the fun part. It's the easy part.
I knew parents would be a pain, but I had no idea of the depths of their lack of accountability. Some are positively amazing. Others are so enabling of their children's disability that it's mind-boggling. If they knew how much we love their kids, they'd be blown away--but I'm not going to do the home work that is required for their child's success. Responsibility.


KC Bob said...

Thank God for teachers like you Karen.

karen said...

You're sweet, Bob! I commented on this earlier, but it disappeared. How are you?

KC Bob said...

Things are a bit more difficult emotionally since Ann's last (very minor) relapse. We hoped that the stem cell transplant had put the disease in permanent remission but the relapse informed us otherwise.

Hope you are well and enjoying life.

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