Monday, July 30, 2007

Joe and Bob....

Not to be confused with Joe Bob, which is another entity all in itself! ;-)

I really wanted to highlight these two blogbuds of mine today. Everyone that I link to absolutely rocks and every one of you makes me think! Just today, though, I'd like to commend these two guys not only for their ability to make me think, but for affording the freedom to discuss issues without getting personal and without the worry that we'll get into a snit if we don't agree.

If you haven't been, you really need to read them. They'll make ya think.



Friday, July 27, 2007

Too much time on my hands.....

It was cute.....but the music was annoying me. Sorry if it did you, too!!

Monday, July 23, 2007

maniac monday musings...

I gotta get back to work. I can't wait for school to start.

I'm in a fog lately. I notice that I can't remember squat; I forget where I put something, EVERYTHING, etc., I left the stove and the oven on yesterday. This is a bit scary. I'm taking ginkco (sp) for tinnitus and blood thinning, so I can only imagine my brain function without it. Is this what 50 brings?

Or, is it too much stress? I am worried about the budget after spending on the yard, but it had to be done to protect the house.

Now that I'm feeling more energetic, I'm going to lose my mind? That doesn't seem right. I'm looking around at all the stuff that needs doing, and I'm tellin' ya, friend, it's overwhelming. Am I the only one that feels this way? Or, is it "that time of life" for me? Now that I'm at an age where I don't give a damn what people think(ooh..that might change my "G" rating! It didn't) will I remember all the fun I'm having not giving a damn??

Our oldest kitty, Harriet, is looking pretty fragile in the last couple of days, so off to the vet we're going. We're feeling a mite guilty that we haven't always gotten her hyperthyroid meds into her, but she disappears sometimes. When you take in a stray outside cat in, it's near impossible to keep them in. We've had her over 10 years. If we do try to keep her inside, she does...things... in our home....unspeakably foul things...She's anywhere from 12-18 years old...who knows. Anyway, I'm a tad depressed about her condition and anxious about the appt. Update: she had disappeared for a few days and that already compromised her fragile condition. Her liver is stressed because she didn't eat for a couple of days. They gave her fluids and some meds, we discussed euthanasia, but when she got home she ate and drank; this morning she got up and ate and drank.

My son tells me that I love to watch those "Clean Sweep" shows because what they portray there is SO bad compared to the way I view our home. We have areas of clutter. We have a small home, so there are places that become drop off points for stuff we don't know what to do with. But, it's a CLEAN home. I hate filth. I just have to get rid of the stuff we don't need. But, it feels like it's always MY job...and it's not all MY stuff. Anyone else have the clutter bug?? I try to clean out and throw out for 15 minutes at a time. But then, more clutter appears. Very frustrating. Suggestions appreciated.

So now you know I don't have my stuff together. Oh. You probably already knew that.

Further proof of my nuttiness:
Phone call today--
State Troopers: Thank you ma'am, we'll be sending that out today, and can I get a 100% confirmation that you'll turn that around by August 3rd?
Me: Well, my gosh and golly, what happens if I don't send it in by the magic day of August 3rd?
ST: You get a reminder.
Me: Oh.
ST: Why?
Me: Oh, I thought maybe the world might come to an end.
ST: No, ha ha.
Me: You know, maybe Jesus might come.
ST: Huh?
Me: Well, you know, if I don't send it in by August 3rd, and Jesus might come, well...I'd be tempted to not send it in by August 3rd, you know?
ST: Ha ha...yes ma'am! Well, you have a good day!
Me: Right.

Friday, July 20, 2007

busy ramblings...

I joined Curves and have gone 3-5 times a week in the last month. I'm really seeing a difference in energy and pain levels. I forgot to stretch yesterday and after doing some yard work, could really tell the difference. I'm going to keep this up, I believe. 30 minutes is not much of a sacrifice. When school starts up, I'll need to be more disciplined. Right now, in between school and mural jobs, I can go whenever I want.

This is the year of fighting for what I want: deeper spirituality, health, clean and organized house, nice back yard. This last bunch of rain was terrorizing because everyone "up" the street started diverting water out of their yards and down to the next...which is illegal, but, oh well. I'm next to the last house, and the evil neighbor is last. You can only imagine his glee at this situation. Of course it was all my fault. My grass disappeared and erosion was setting in and there were a couple of freak-out times when I thought we would flood inside. I had french drains put in (everyone thought it was nice to run over and tell me their anecdotes about how their friends' french drains don't work. . thanks) and sod put in. Looks like they WILL work. The landscapers went above and beyond. . .it's a woman-owned company and the owner brought me a bunch of free plants and flowers and extra stone. I have to say that was blessed by the tree trimmers and now this company. She even planted three of my empty pots and they cleaned out my flower bed in the back?!? Wow. After everything was done, I felt like that show, Extreme Makeover, and just wanted to cry. I just need to add some red mulch when my pocket book fills up again! I'll post a before picture once I get it to a downloadable size. Not pretty, and you'll see why I was getting a tad depressed over the whole thing.

Robert is in Korea now, we haven't heard from him yet. It was a very teary goodbye. He is going to put in for a 2 year stint so that Brandy and Michael can join him. I think it would be a good experience for them all. Robert has stepped up to the plate, and he is doing well. He finished 2nd in class in his mechanics class. Not bad for a guy who hated school. He also went through their house and cleaned, reorganized garage, did yard work. He's a freakin' organizational machine! I invited him to do the same over here! He has never been afraid of hard work.

I've been doing a lot of reading in the evenings lately. Don R and Chaplain Roy gave me some good material to look over. It's very encouraging about the salvation of everyone; not just THE FEW.

I need to catch up on everyone's blogs. You all have something to say and I must leave comments! I must!

Son is missing girlfriend, she is back in the Boston area. They had, basically, 2 weeks together. That makes 18 days total together in the year they've known each other. Online romances. Who would have figured? After meeting some blog buddies last week, I can see how you really can get to know someone over the internet and not be surprised at the real deal.

Is anyone getting as sick as I am at reality TV? It really has done wonders for my increased reading. Getting sick of hearing about Paris, Lindsay, Britney, Rosie, and so on. It's a sad commentary on our society that these people (and the throng of other celebrities and sports figures) who not only have little to claim in honorable achievements. . .but who go further and break numerous civil and moral laws. It's sad. I'm just sayin'.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

guess I'm not edgy enuff. . .

Online Dating

Mingle2 - Online Dating

I got this site from Kansas Bob's. I'm still learning this linking stuff....

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Lunch with Missy!

Missy and I are meeting tomorrow! I'm so excited! This week, I will have met THREE blogbuds in PERSON! :-)

Three hours later!! How do you catch up on everything in just

three lil' hours? We remarked at how honest bloggers are. . .when they don't have to be. I haven't been surprised by anyone I met this week. They have been as genuine as they appear on their blogs. It's been a pleasure. Missy is smart,energetic, honest, fun, and well, just darn cute to boot! Wish you all had been there.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Open minds, big hearts. . .

Hubby and I had coffee this a.m. with Don R. and Chaplain Roy. Awesome! If you ever get the chance to meet up with these guys. . .do it! :-)

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Prayers for a blog friend

Please keep my friend Robert in your prayers for healing.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

My Mom