Monday, July 23, 2007

maniac monday musings...

I gotta get back to work. I can't wait for school to start.

I'm in a fog lately. I notice that I can't remember squat; I forget where I put something, EVERYTHING, etc., I left the stove and the oven on yesterday. This is a bit scary. I'm taking ginkco (sp) for tinnitus and blood thinning, so I can only imagine my brain function without it. Is this what 50 brings?

Or, is it too much stress? I am worried about the budget after spending on the yard, but it had to be done to protect the house.

Now that I'm feeling more energetic, I'm going to lose my mind? That doesn't seem right. I'm looking around at all the stuff that needs doing, and I'm tellin' ya, friend, it's overwhelming. Am I the only one that feels this way? Or, is it "that time of life" for me? Now that I'm at an age where I don't give a damn what people think(ooh..that might change my "G" rating! It didn't) will I remember all the fun I'm having not giving a damn??

Our oldest kitty, Harriet, is looking pretty fragile in the last couple of days, so off to the vet we're going. We're feeling a mite guilty that we haven't always gotten her hyperthyroid meds into her, but she disappears sometimes. When you take in a stray outside cat in, it's near impossible to keep them in. We've had her over 10 years. If we do try to keep her inside, she does...things... in our home....unspeakably foul things...She's anywhere from 12-18 years old...who knows. Anyway, I'm a tad depressed about her condition and anxious about the appt. Update: she had disappeared for a few days and that already compromised her fragile condition. Her liver is stressed because she didn't eat for a couple of days. They gave her fluids and some meds, we discussed euthanasia, but when she got home she ate and drank; this morning she got up and ate and drank.

My son tells me that I love to watch those "Clean Sweep" shows because what they portray there is SO bad compared to the way I view our home. We have areas of clutter. We have a small home, so there are places that become drop off points for stuff we don't know what to do with. But, it's a CLEAN home. I hate filth. I just have to get rid of the stuff we don't need. But, it feels like it's always MY job...and it's not all MY stuff. Anyone else have the clutter bug?? I try to clean out and throw out for 15 minutes at a time. But then, more clutter appears. Very frustrating. Suggestions appreciated.

So now you know I don't have my stuff together. Oh. You probably already knew that.

Further proof of my nuttiness:
Phone call today--
State Troopers: Thank you ma'am, we'll be sending that out today, and can I get a 100% confirmation that you'll turn that around by August 3rd?
Me: Well, my gosh and golly, what happens if I don't send it in by the magic day of August 3rd?
ST: You get a reminder.
Me: Oh.
ST: Why?
Me: Oh, I thought maybe the world might come to an end.
ST: No, ha ha.
Me: You know, maybe Jesus might come.
ST: Huh?
Me: Well, you know, if I don't send it in by August 3rd, and Jesus might come, well...I'd be tempted to not send it in by August 3rd, you know?
ST: Ha ha...yes ma'am! Well, you have a good day!
Me: Right.


Milly said...

No way Milly's house is always clean and organized. Not this Milly but I'd bet some Milly somewhere. I keep the house clean enough to eat and stuff but I too have piles of things yet to be organized. I lost a book I was reading not long ago and had to reorder it. My husband laughed at me and said that I’d most likely find it now that I gotten another copy. My kids space is a big mess. I'll try to clean it this week or next ;-}

karen said...

Thanks, Milly. I 'preciate that...

brian said...


I have no answers for you. But, I can commiserate. I too have a problem with clutter. With my wife and I running our business out of the house and having no time to clean things here are, well, not as I would like them to be. I took a picture of my office several weeks back. I don't know if you saw that or not on my blog. But...

I think being overly busy leads to that forgetfulness thing. I don't have a problem with it so much. But, I can definitely see it in my wife when she gets stressed out. I'm naturally a multi-tasking kind of person. But, I do run out of energy every once in a while. It's hit me in the last couple of weeks actually, which is very strange. I almost have that mid-winter "blah" that I usually get. And, just yesterday, my wife told me she had been feeling "mopey" the last couple of days.

Hopefully, you'll feel better today. Mondays are always tough for me.


Don R said...

Hi Kearen- the wife and I have been on a short trip over the weekend thru Wed. I'm coming to you from the Texas panhandle. I, like you, hate clutter. But, no matter how much that's true, it still appears. God's way of keeping me organized I guess. I wanted this to be a few days of rest and relaxation. Hasn't turned out that way. More later. It's now Tuesday, so forget about those lowly Mondays. Onward and Upward!!

karen said...

Brian, thanks for your encouragement...yes I did see your office and almost commented that it made me feel better! But, that didn't seem very helpful to you!
:-) I office out of my home, too, with my art business with a studio offsite...but I don't get there's a glorified storage unit. Tell Ty that she's not alone! I've seen your house pics...looks organized fine to me!

Don...good for you for a vacation.The only clutter I don't mind is my pile of books! :-) Try to relax in the Panhandle! Yep...moving on this week.

trace said...

I'm with you. It's been a challenge working with everyone home this summer! We've been renovating our basement, so we're in a PURGE mode as well. I hate clutter!!!

chris said...

Oh man, I hate clutter! The problem is my family doesn't mind it a bit! I have a small demo/studio/hideout upstairs that I keep fairly clutter free. I just escape up here when I feel the urge to throw things in the house away!