Monday, July 30, 2007

Joe and Bob....

Not to be confused with Joe Bob, which is another entity all in itself! ;-)

I really wanted to highlight these two blogbuds of mine today. Everyone that I link to absolutely rocks and every one of you makes me think! Just today, though, I'd like to commend these two guys not only for their ability to make me think, but for affording the freedom to discuss issues without getting personal and without the worry that we'll get into a snit if we don't agree.

If you haven't been, you really need to read them. They'll make ya think.




Joe said...

First, you are very generous with your compliments. My comments like yours are not personal attacks and never will be where your concerned.

Second, nobody makes us think more and more frequently than you do. Thanks.

Kansas Bob said...

Ditto what Joe said Karen!

Blogging is a great medium for the discussion of ideas - sad that it sometimes brings out the darker side of us.

Thanks for the referral ... I liked Joe's blog - in addition to his great ideas he has a cooling talking widget.

karen said...

um, thanks for the kudos, guys...but you DID see my last "thinking" post, right? ;-)You know...cut out head on cartoon bod?? LOL!

Barbara (aka Layla) said...

LOL! Karen I am laughing at your comment above - that's one of the things I love about you, you can be serious or fun and you do both well :)

I always read K Bob, but have been missing out on Joe's blog, will check him out. Thanks!

pearlie said...

I "tagged" you. Check it out here ;)

karen said...

pearlie! that is so cool! I gotta get creative now!