Thursday, May 21, 2009


Just back from the vet for acupuncture for Gracie; we haven't checked her kidney numbers in a couple of weeks--decided that she's feeling good, eating, playing, etc., and there's not anything more we can do for her than we're already doing. I've got her routine down pretty good. Dr. says it appears she isn't in any pain, etc., and I think that's true because she knocks me over in the morning to get outside to play. I think they are surprised.
We are really blessed! Thanking God, and thank you so much for prayers and good thoughts!
I have no idea when or how things will happen (who does about anything?), which has been a valuable lesson through all of this. We are learning to take things a day at a time. Or, at least, still trying.

Things I've learned from Gracie:

Greet the new day with anticipation.
Play whenever you can.
Greet everyone as a friend.

Look at the same old things as if they're new.
Nap when possible.
Get some sun.

Walk. A lot.
Live in the moment.
Live with joy.

Added "listen." She does that very well....


Don said...

I love the "Things I've learned from Gracie". We should take that to heart.

Joe said...

Does the acupuncture only make Gracie more comfortable or does it help her kidneys?

I wish for her a long life.

Kansas Bob said...

Those lessons are great ones Karen! I especially loved:

"Greet the new day with anticipation" and "Live in the moment".. who says you can't teach an old dog.. well you get it :)

Hope the weekend is filled with play for all of you!

karen said...

Yeah, Don, dog spelled backwards is God. He uses everything to teach.
Joe, thanks. She's lived 2 years for every one on this earth. Walks, playing everday, never boarded, never left outside.I'm pretty sure acupuncture supports the kidneys. She gets crazy after a treatment. I've been having that done on her for 5 years. She was supposed to be dead 5 years ago.
I try to remember that, but she is my "heart dog"...the one that gets to you the most.
Thanks, KB...I have to add another one..."Listen." She does that, and very well.

trace said...

"Live in unashamed obedience to your Master, follow Him everywhere..." - tell Gracie I am adding that to her list and that she's shares her list with Kayla...

thanks be to God for these lessons from our labradors!

... Paige said...

The whole experice of life is a lesson. Like normal student everywhere sometimes we are focused and sometimes we are not. Yet even when we appear not to be listening our hearts hear and it will come back to us.
I love my Dr with the needles.

So glad to hear she is doing well...and you my friend??

simplydave said...

Hey you doing?

Mark D said...

If she was supposed to be gone 5 yrs ago and is still here, why not another 5 yrs? Labs are especially good at the "greet everyone as a friend" thing. I guess mine has to balance out the neighbors' yappy dogs that bark at everyone they see. Love and prayers your way.