Wednesday, January 24, 2007

For God's Sake.....

I really don't have anything intellectual to say about this subject right now. It's all from my gut.

You know how I feel about the subject of women in just seems that the devil is throwing all these blogs, comments, and websites at me that espouse limits of the calling of women to pastor over a congregation. I'm not just talking about men here.

First...I'm out of church, but women in ministry was never an issue with me personally. I was ordained as an elder...and the RCA considers that once an elder always an elder with them. Eldership means serving the Body. That's it, and that's the only way that I would allow myself to answer that call--in that manner. I always consider myself to be a servant. Kneeling before a congregation to be "ordained" meant that I made a public promise to do so.'s unbelievable to me that in this day and age, with all the information available, that there are still Neanderthals among us who lie through their teeth when they say "women and men are equal. They just have different 'roles.'" The Q'uran says something similar. It says that women and men are equal, but men are 'more' equal than women.

Who of us has the right to say what anyone's role is? If God calls you to minister, to serve, you GO! If someone tries to stop you, just who exactly are they working for?

Third...the powers that be, the ones who are keeping their chosen Bible translations in your hands, and the information away that they DON'T want you to see, are the ones we should be keeping an eye on. They want to confuse you by saying that these new translations are gender inclusive. That's a lie. The truth is they are gender ACCURATE. There's a huge difference. Be proactive....go to the interlinears and some websites (I'll help ya) and see how many words have been inserted that were never there. Do a little Google sleuthing. Don't be spoon-fed.

Fourth...Jesus had no trouble using women in ministry, why should anyone else? When Paul's words are really looked at, he had no trouble with women either. I used to think so, but not anymore. And quit throwing those horrible translations of the "women" scriptures at me. And stop with the rules that aren't even in scripture! Only priests can anoint? Jesus had no problem being anointed by a woman before his death! He chastised her criticizers. What would he say to you?

What can I say? That's where I am. If you don't think women should pastor over a church, don't go to that church.

There's a battle out there, and this is the time that God is calling His daughters to rise up and take up the sword with His sons against the enemy! The Truth is here. I can't imagine any real soldier who is intent on fighting and winning a battle that would refuse help from another warrior!

There's work to be done. If you can't get over it...then get out of the way.


chris said...


Barbara said...


I would be interested in learning more about these words that were inserted that were never there - can you point me to some sites you've checked out?

Just curious - which translation do you like best?

BruceD said...

I've come to believe that "there's rest to be done".

Love ya!

karen said...

thanks all....
Barbara...I'll post a bunch of this info in the next day or so. I like the TNIV, but there are issues with all translations. My study bible is NKJV; I have a tendency to have 3 or 4 translations in front of me at the time, plus an interlinear Hebrew/Greek. It's when I can find the basic words that the beauty of scripture comes out. Of course these are just copies of originals. We don't have the originals.
And in the end, it's the Spirit that gives meaning and reveals the Heart of Him.

Missy said...

Karen, I have only been a Christian for a few years (and actively in my Bible for less!) I am convinced of submitting to my husbands will - but it is not a conflict for me because he makes it a joy as he is equally committed to submitting to my will. Not saying it's easy - but it's not his fault :)

I haven't really studied the rest out, but I have always noticed that God has consistently placed women in leadership roles, that the lineage of Christ is often followed in the story of an incredible woman and that there seemed to be almost as many women mentioned in Christ's and the first church's ministries as men. They are often presented as phenomonal leaders, teachers, prophets and servants.

I don't get ruffled about it though. I am not sure why not - as I am a ruffling type?!

Bruce said...

Preach on sister. Oops, I can't say that can I? :-)

We're probably reading some of the same articles, and I too am frustrated. Let God be God and work in whoever He wills.


Kansas Bob said...

It would be interesting to really know why people think the way that they do about women in ministry. I have to confess that for years I hid behind the bible rather than standing on it about this issue. The pastor I followed for those years ascribed to a complementarian view I think because he seemed to have a dim view of women. I think that I followed that lead because of spiritual immaturity.

Don R said...

Good post! If I remember correctly, Most of the faithful at the cross were women.

BarBarA said...

Thanks Karen...looking forward to more.

Dave said...

and it's a loud "AMEN" from Scotland.

karen said...

Dave...I heard that...way over here!
Don...yes they were...Mary M. was the first with the News.
KB...I agree with you...people who are insecure or immature are the ones who have a problem with general and in ministry...and that goes for women, as well. Prejudice knows no gender or race.
Brothers both preach on!! :-) don't get ruffled because it sounds like you and your husband have what God intended in a marriage...full SUPPORT of one another. Hupotasso means support, attach; we are all to do that for one another. Thankfully (or maybe not) my husband has always been behind my ministries....sometimes pushing a little too hard! ;-)

Milly said...

I’m CoC so as some of you know women have specific roles it that church. I am so glad to see the walls of those roles coming down. I’ve posted on women several times and what a debated issue. I want to move the posts to my other blog so that we can have on going talks on the subject of those who went before us. It starts with Adam and Eve many forget that he was with her and that he too took the bite. It goes on to the word submission SUBMISSION that little word packs a powerful punch. Codepoke has posted and done very well on a woman’s role in the church.

So if you all want to put stuff together we can put it on Generations Of Us.

karen said...

Milly...awesome! You go, girl! I'll check it'd be great!

dave paisley said...

Good to see some this type of conversation happening in lots of places :)

Also glad you liked my analogy post over on my blog.

karen said...

yep, dave....I loved your post! Thanks for coming by!