Friday, January 05, 2007

Rambling yet again....

**Those of you that know me from this blog know that I frequently suffer from "metaphor-itis." I tend to see something else in everything around me. Trees with stark branches are us: either dead and barren, or dead and barren with the hope of new birth, or reaching up with arms of praise. My kitty got stuck in my closet last night. She should know from experience that if she sneaks in there, she might get the door shut on her, leaving her there til I go in again. Still, she keeps going in and getting trapped. What are we repeating over and over again that isn't good for us; we know the consequences, and still we persist in doing so?

**My blogbuddy Joe is blogging again! 'Bout time. He did the book exercise that Milly, Matt, and I did....and his book was the Art of War--a book that many teen boys will actually read. But I got something spiritual from the sentences that he happened upon. There's God in everything! Check out some of Joe's other posts. He has a lot to say. He is an open-minded, kind and generous fellow with the kind of caring for ALL people that we should adopt.

**I'm still cleaning out. It feels great! I need to get done by Sunday, crash, and get ready to sub again. I'm torn between going to get certified to teach full-time and get that ever needed steady pay check; or continue with my art business. It's going full-tilt right now, and leaning heavily on the interior design aspect--something that I never thought would happen. I guess I just need to pray about this. Duh, huh? I mean KEEP praying about it.

**I redid my Real Age Health thing! Since exercising and making some simple changes, I dropped 5 years below my chronological age! Bad news...I got a new scale...I weigh 10 pounds more than I thought. OUCH!!! Tubby time! :-) Oh, well. We are more than our poundage, right?

Off to clean some more!!
Did I tell you that you guys rock?


bjk said...

Nooooo you rock!!

Kansas Bob said...

We are more than our poundage, right?

RIGHT! I like that.