Thursday, January 18, 2007

Still crazy after all these days.....

Off to work this morning. We had a "snow" day here in the Lone Star state yesterday. Everyone was home and we all ate way too much. It wasn't bad weather, really--compared to midwest and northern standards--just unexpected....oldest went off to school...which was supposed to open at noon, but wasn't. So, we watched Michael for a few hours while momma took a much needed long winter's nap.

My prayers about whether to get certified this year to teach full time were answered. I'm pretty sure it was an answer because it wasn't the one I was wanting. I really wanted to go after the full time, pay check on a regular schedule thing; instead I got a flurry of phone calls for work, an incredible brainfull of images and direction for some paintings for Him. and the Word "Wait." And, now I'm thinking....what was I thinking? So, that's that till I hear differently.

Still wrangling with my problem, but I thank you all who prayed! That meant everything and has helped tremendously!

And there I thought absolutely nothing could be done! ;-)


bjk said...

I love hearing when you HEAR

chris said...

Well, I checked out some of your artwork on your other blog, and Your quite good. So, it doesn't suprise me that is where you have been directed. I admire anyone that can draw and paint with the skill you possess. I myself can't draw a straight line

Don R said...

Texas "snow-days" are the best. Usually you can do pretty much whatever you want ( with some risk to life and limb). Nothing like what our yankee bros. and sis's get.

Karen said... too..when one hears...everyone wins!
Chris...thanks! wish I could play the guitar like you! was a great day!

Kansas Bob said...

I am guessing that you all have 2-3 inches of snow but the street crews couldn't clear the streets so you had to wait for Mr Sun to do it for you :)

We have ice here :(

Karen said...

KB...nah...we didn't even have that much here...a little ice was all...not like you all. I think we're lucky.

Dave. said...

Well weather wise we had glorious winter sunshine today in this beautiful part of Scotland!

Work wise I am still job hunting and Kriss has got a lot of options now that have come her way in the last 48 hours. Basically her contract is due to finish at the end of June; however she has applied for another position as a project manager; she was asked today if she would consider taking on another area in the north of Scotland doing what she does now. Oh, and she is also looking at the possibility of a redundancy package for early retiremant!

We just need to listen and then we will hear! Praise God.

Dave. said...

Doh! "retiremEnt"!

BruceD said...

Love ya, sis.

Karen said... have a new season all out in front of you! I'll be praying for you and Kriss. You both are awesome people...your family, too...and especially that cutiepatootie Will!!

BruceD...back atcha! :-D