Sunday, January 07, 2007

I give up....

Full-fat dairy products linked to lower weight, study says
NEW YORK - The health-conscious often shun whole milk but a new study suggests that adults who favor full-fat dairy gain less weight over time.

I don't drink milk, but for Pete's sake. I'm sick of reading this stuff! Drink milk, don't drink milk, drink coffee, don't drink coffee, , eat chocolate, don't eat chocolate....blah blah blah! I'm going to go have a cup of coffee and a hunk o' chocolate.....


Kansas Bob said...

A guy at Starbucks told me that steamed milked is good for you ... only if they steam it though :)

Matt said...

My philosophy is if it looks good, eat/drink it. I may have an extra pound or ten, but I'll be happy;-)

- Matt

BarBarA said...

Its SO irritating to hear these contradictions all the time!

My rule: Moderation.

codepoke said...

If man has been eating it for 6000 years, I will eat. If it was invented at the beginning of the industrial age, I will shun it as best I can.

Raw, whole milk - in.
Corn syrup - out.
Beef with all the fat - in.
Partially hydrogenated _____ - out.
Fermented ______ - in.
_____ as a preservative - out.

All the scientists in the world can jump into their own personal little ooze of a meal for all I care. Whatever. I'm eating real food, good food, and all of it until I'm happy.

FWIW, I am the fastest guy on the court at 42. 18 year olds regularly give up on balls I get to easily.

bjk said...

Breakfast of CHAMPIONS!!???!!

Karen said...

Ha ha! I'm glad you all feel the same! Breakfast of champions! Coffee and chocolate are my last vice. And only the good stuff, too.

CP..that's the truth! Raw foods or plain ol' food is the best. My 25 year old friend reminded me that I and another older lady smoke all of them at Tai Bo. The youngers were on the floor and Terri and I were still going! :-)

Milly said...

The United States has a great dairy association and we have more obese people. We give our children milk longer then other countries. Hmmm ? I took milk out of the house years ago when the doctors asked me to for my son’s sake. He has atopic dermatitis. I told my brother to back off the milk and see if his daughter’s skin and allergies would get better. They laughed at me but it seems to have helped. Our bodies aren’t made to take in all that stuff that we are now digesting. Hormones in our meat and vegies! That can’t be good.

Don said...

I'm going to ignore it all!! Ha, ha...Hey I see you're in Texas. Have I asked you before, Where? I'm in Burleson. Lived in Arlington and taught there for 32 years....

Paige said...

Texas is the place to be! If we could get and eat real food we would be healthier as a nation. But nooooo, we have to have it faster, tastier and keep it for a long time.
We are poisioning oursevles with our food and don't forget the water. Florid has been linked to cancer. Hey all the animals we eat and the vegies we eat are grown with and cooked with and canned with -WATER-.
But alas what are we to do?
Just the best we can with what we got and pray that we are serving God the best we can so that He will dip His hand down to bring us home when its time to go.

Karen said...

amen, Paige.
Don...I'm in the DFW area...pretty close. We have lots of Lone Star bloggers! Thanks for stoppin' by!

Bruce said...

My wife's grandfather ate biscuits and gravy, eggs, and bacon/sausage most of his life. He died at age 85 from complications from knee surgery, not from what he ate. So I'll drink a toast to your health with my cup of java.

Hope your party went well.


trace said...

my husband's grandfather lived to age 95 on bacon grease sandwiches and sardine juice..go figure.

eat, drink and be merry.

chaplainroy said...


I'm another blogger from DFW. Don and I are old time friends and often go to McChurch on Sundays.
(Senior coffee for $.29) and very lite theology.
As an ex-Baptist, I now drink a little red wine for health, both physical and spiritual. I once knew a preacher who said he could prove that Jesus DID NOT turn water into real wine.
Don't listen to experts, listen to your body. It knows what is gone for you.

Karen said...

Hey, nice to meet you, CR....I'll check out your blog, drink a little red wine, and thanks for coming by!