Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year's Resolution.....

Okay, a lot of these were sent to me, but as I've been cleaning and throwing out, I decided to gather all the books that I've either been reading, will read, or want to read again. At the top of the stack is a DVD collection that I need to view and send on to Patchouli. I know you can't make out all the titles, but what's YOUR stack look like?!
Happy New Year to my BlogBuddies! You make me so happy! Abundant blessings to you and yours!


Matt said...

My stack is huge and scattered throughout the house. Let's see, who does it include: Philip Yancey, William Stringfellow, Frederick Buechner, Barbara Brown Taylor, Jack Higgins, Desmond Tutu, Robert Ludlum, Marcus Borg, Bart Ehrman, a few biographies of Roman emperors, etc. It's going to be busy reading year for me!

- Matt

Karen said...

Matt, you can see some Yancey and Ehrman in mine as well. Books just make me....giddy!

Michael said...

Happy New Year's to you as well.

Take Care

Milly said...

Right now I just don’t even give myself goals of reading stacks of books. I’m working on Bad Girls Of The Bible. Just finished a Max Lucado book with a couple to go this year. Not a huge goal.

Karen said...

Milly, I shouldn't have titled that New Year's Resolutions! I know that I won't finish that stack! We went to the bookstore this afternoon to get our calendars...I almost bought a couple of books, then thought...WHAT AM I DOING?!?

Kansas Bob said...

Until Easter it looks like this :)

Robert said...

karen-i have piles on the floor,kitchen table,couch,loveseat,diningroom table cabinet where the tv sits lol. lets see.....yancey,crabb,buechner,willard,manning,joni,wright and a few others. o to have endless time to read all the books!!! let alone the 5 pages i have filled up of books i would love to buy from amazon haha good stuff karen!!

bjk said...

A novel Joshua by Joseph Girzone
A study on Grace

Happy Reading and stay HUNGRY in 2007!!

Thanks becky