Friday, December 22, 2006

sweet dreams

Got to babysit! :-) Momma had to do some Christmas shopping. What fun. . .especially when you can send them home! All the love and perks with no sleep loss. What a great deal!

How are all of your Christmas dealings coming? I finally got a bit of the Christmas spirit. 2 days of subbing the last days before the Christmas break (or as they call it now, Winter break) was pretty exciting. The noise level was intense as I worked basically as crowd control for a holiday sing-a-long and for 4 hours in a gym with about 100 kids a session playing very loud games. My head is still screaming.

My favorite thing I've done so far was to sing with my singing group in retirement and nursing homes. The residents seem to enjoy this, we do, too. We did a little program and then sang Christmas carols. I am always amazed that people with Alzheimer's can remember the words to Christmas songs. I got to do a little solo; my allergies were acting up, but miraculously cleared when the time came. Our family also did the donation thing. That makes it all fun and means more than anything at this time of year. I run into folks in the stores, everyone says, "Isn't this insane?" but no one does anything about it. But at least I'm more in the spirit. I guess. I usually get in the spirit the day AFTER Christmas.

Merry Christmas to all of you if I don't blog between now and then. You are all wonderful blogbuddies! I pray blessings for all of you. For good health, for happiness, peace, and prosperity. Bless you all! :-)


Milly said...

Merry Christmas!

trace said...

merry christmas to you karen - thanks for your encouragement this year.

BarBarA said...

Same to you, Karen, Merry Christmas!

I know you and I share similar feelings around this holiday, but I also got into the spirit of it (finally). How cool that you sing at retirement homes...I think our elderly are often a forgotten group, that's sad.

Matt said...

My best to you and your family for a wonderful Christmas as well! Look forward to hearing from you as soon as you have the time -- but seeing in the picture here who you're spending time with, you're more than excused for not blogging;-)

- Matt

Bruce said...

Wishing you and your family a very merry Christmas! May the God of Peace and the Peace of God be with you all.

Read your email this morning, will talk to the mrs and let you know.


Kansas Bob said...

Merry Christmas Karen. Our son is home for Christmas (back to Iraq in February) and I was reminded about how you have prayed for him and us this year. Thanks for being the prayer warrior that you are!

Wish you and your family much joy and healing for 2007!


Joe said...

Merry Christmas to you, too. I hope it is filled with less stress and more Christ. I'll start ranting if I don't change the subject now.

I couldn't see Michael Sleeping until I lightened it up a bit.

Karen said...

I know it's a dark picture. Little fella has a hard time sleeping.