Friday, December 01, 2006

What are we doing?

Lately, I've felt a tad "other world" as far as relating to this realm. Everything seems so stupid, so insipid. I hate to rain on anyone's parade. This happens every holiday season for me. January 1st brings me relief. Everyone runs around like crazy people, shopping, wanting. Decorations go up before the Thanksgiving turkey is even digested. Neighbors compete for effect. How much extra energy does that new hotel near us suck up in their light display? How much energy do we waste each and every day?

Why do 2 people need 3,000 or more sq ft of living space...rooms that are rarely used?

We're at war. What have we sacrificed here? We're not even feeling the pain, the strain of our men and women over there.

Many views on global warning..pointing to climatic disasters...more hurricanes, potential new little ice age. Do we care?

The media is getting more and more sensational, entitled, and opinionated. Why do we tolerate this and listen?

Television is getting more and more ridiculous, frivolous, and self-serving. Why do we watch?

Christmas is reduced to materialism and secularism. Why do we support this?

People point out that the war is fueled by greed for oil. So what are we willing to give up to change that? Our cars? Our big houses? Our comforts?

Our Christmas is pretty tiny compared to others. It wasn't always "tiny" but we've downsized. We put up 3 little trees with a nativity under them. It all sits on an old radio cabinet in the corner. The boys' favorite part of Christmas season is our decorating night...we have hot snacks and soda, Christmas music and decorate as a family. Christmas dinner is lasagna. They are 19 and 15. I ask them every year what they want for Christmas, and every year they say "to decorate, listen to Christmas music, and have pizza rolls." This tradition sprung from budget restrictions. We're not grand and noble people. But from somewhere in the budget stuff, we discovered something more important than craziness around the holidays. We found rest, family time, perspective, and mostly, Jesus. We drive around and donate food to the food pantry, clean out unneeded stuff and donate to charity, and give pet food to the animal shelter. Each of these exercises reminds us that this time--this LIFE-- is not about us.

This probably sounds like a righteous, cranky post. I'm sorry if it does. I just pray that this season, maybe, just maybe...we'll all get a grip on what's happening in our world, stop worrying about appearances and wants, and start living a life that He would be proud of.


Bruce said...

Great post Karen, you made some excellent points. I pray His peace on you this time of year (actually all year long).


Bruce said...

Oh, I'll get to your "tag" soon.


Milly said...

This is the season to give. You aren't being righteous. One of my best friends in high school loved joining my family to decorate because we made it so special. She even had the snoopy sliding on the garland for herself on our tree we still laugh about how important it was to her. She needed to know about family hers wasn’t exactly a family at times. Her tree was decorated by her mom and had to be perfect. She never wanted nor did she have children because of her upbringing. We need to remember how important those little things are to our children so that they can make it special for others.

Kansas Bob said...

About "We're at war. What have we sacrificed here? We're not even feeling the pain, the strain of our men and women over there."

In the context of a guy with a soldier son headed back over for a second tour of duty in Iraq I have to say that most Americans know what the next step of sacrifice could be (i.e. A National Draft) and (like me) don't want to take that step because we do not believe in the Iraqi War anymore.

Hope that wasn't too much of a downer ... I must be a bit more vulnerable today ... please pray for my son ... he is scheduled to leave for Iraq in January.

trace said...

simple traditions are the best!

Karen said...

I'm praying for your son, KB. When I say "we" I mean the nation as a whole. My boy leaves for basic training in January. My stepbrother, cousin, and three friends have been over there. There is no support or sacrifice here by our way of living as there was in previous WW's.