Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Spring? or Summer?? It's TEXAS!

This is a not-very-good photo of a watercolor I did of Morning Glories that were in my garden several years ago. It's in my bedroom; and I see it every morning....good thing, too...since I haven't gotten my yard together yet. Happy Spring! I keep trying to remember that it IS Spring here...even though it's gotten up in the 90's already. Have a blessed day! Adding on at 9:36 tonight....it's freakin' HOT out!!!


Bruce said...

It is freakin' hot here, but today is suppose to be much better.

You PAINTED that picture? Simply wonderful. I thought it was a photo. I would love to see you do bluebonnets (or is that too overdone here in Texas?).

Have a great day.


Helen said...

Hi Karen, your spring is rather hot, here in England it's about 55!BBBRRR!
your summers must be a scorcher!

I love the painting you did, it must be nice to paint like that,
have a good week!

Kansas Bob said...

It is beginning to feel like spring again here in Kansas ... we had 80s and 90s last week - I'm glad spring is back with 50s-70s degree temperatures.

Karen said...

Thanks, ya'all...
It was cooler today...I know Bruce and I are getting rained on here; Helen, wish I was there with you! Or maybe move up to Kansas!

Patchouli said...

A not very good watercolor...you make me laugh!