Sunday, April 09, 2006

Miracles I

I was reading about Kansas Bob's miracle here . It's pretty awesome, so, check it out! I thought I would delay my Tubby Chronicles (sorry Larry!) til after Easter, and blog about some of my own miracles this week. There are a lot of them. Maybe you'll want to review the miracles in your own life. Some folks think there are no modern day miracles anymore. I think that we are just so jaded with our technology that we miss half of them. My first miracle is that I'm even here.

When I was born in a hospital in the midwest, there was a particularly nasty staph outbreak there. They tried to contain and destroy it, but it was in the maternity wing; eventually they ended up burning down the whole section of the hospital. Guess I came in rather dramatically...and nearly died from a staph infection soon after. Tons of antibiotics, and I suppose prayers kept me going. Then, at around 2, I was hospitalized with severe asthmatic bronchitis and again, nearly died. 2 more times after that I've been hospitalized with life-threatening stuff, and a tornado that went literally through our backyard (leaving a large rut from one end of the yard to the next street) but left our house intact...but knocked out every other tree on that other street. I guess when it's really my time, that's that, but God has decided to keep me around for now.

So, it's amazing to me to be here. This story may not seem like much....but there's more. I'll continue tomorrow.

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