Friday, April 14, 2006

Miracles V

..I was walking Gracie this morning. She hasn't been walking for the last couple of days, so she was WIRED. She cut a paw pad a couple of days ago, and I decided to get it checked out because she kept running on it. They wrapped it up figuring she would just rip the bandage right off. But, I've told her to "leave it" and she's left it alone. I can't believe that...a lab that isn't chewing on something readily available.

Then, a thought hit me.
She wounded her paw, there was dead tissue.
We've wrapped it up and believe, in fact, KNOW that in a few days it will be completely healed.
Cells will regenerate, tissues will mend, blood flow will continue and new capillaries will form. Bleeding has stopped. Complete healing. Re-birth.
Sound familiar?


Paige said...

Poor baby. But a great post for this week end!

BruceD said...

That was beautiful! Wonderful observation...