Tuesday, November 27, 2007

moar funny pictures

Needed laffs today! (There are even FEET for Missy! ;-) He looks kinda like Pikachu!)
Click the pic; then scroll down a bit for the animated version!


Don R said...

Too cute!!

pearlie said...

Harhar ... good one!

Missy said...

Yea! Feet!!

Me and the kids visited the web page linked for moar laffs. OMGosh - we wer rollun on the floar!!

karen said...

just watch for the occasional off color captioning!
I also LOVE www.cuteoverload.com

Maggie said...

Hi Karen,

I appreciate your kind words on my blog and hope you'll visit again.

I wanted to tell you that I enjoyed reading about your mom. She sounds like she was an extraordinary person, and I know you must miss her terribly.

I lost my father in April of 06 and have been struggling so with his death. There is this great, gaping whole where my father should be, and I know the missing will always be a part of my life.

I grow stronger with each passing day, but there are times I am simply overcome with the great emptiness of such an enormous loss. Reading your thoughts on your mom gives me hope that one day I can allow my memories to focus on his life--not on his unexpected and troubling death.

By the way, the black and white kitty posted here looks exactly like my little Oreo. I have 2 cats--Oreo and fat cat, Dante, and one great big puppy--Molly--an 80 pound 11 month old Irish Setter. She's a workout!

Maggie said...

err...that should have said, "great gaping hole"....I'm far from whole! I really should reread my comments as I am getting pitifully inept in my old age!

Paige said...

thanks bunny. Hope all are better. How's floor doing? You know the one that you smackd with your face.
Be well!

karen said...

Paige, I think there's a big crack there that wasn't there before! I'm TRYING to be well!

So glad you stopped by. It probably won't help you now, but it gets better after losing someone--dwelling on their death rather than life is normal...soon you'll move to the good memories. I remember the "ambush grief" episodes that sneak up on you from time to time. I have had a few of those since we passed the 10 year mark. If your dad's passing was unexpected, that has to be doubly hard for you. I, at least, got closure with my mom. You're in my prayers.

I have 2 cats and an 80 pound labrador...as I'm sure you can tell by the side bar! I don't know how I got to your blog, but I'll be back. We have a lot in common. (And don't sweat the typos...we are all VERY good at them!)

Anonymous said...

Good morning ...

My name is Wick Davis and I'm with the Lupus Foundation of America. I came across your blog while on another blog and I thought I would reach out to you.

I'm looking for other bloggers who have lupus. The LFA started a blog this summer http://lfa-inc.blogspot.com/ and I am slowing building an area that highlights other bloggers with lupus.

As I said, I came across your blog and wanted to stop by and say hi. If you would like to get in touch with me, I can be reached at davis@lupus.org.

All the best.