Thursday, November 15, 2007

10 years

Sometimes it seems like a decade is a short time...sometimes very long. It's hard to believe that my mom died on this day 10 years ago. It seems longer because time without one of your best friends is a long, long time.
She was a very cool mom. She loved my boys and apologized to me that she wasn't going to see them grow up. I told her that she would see them again one day. She got a kick out of my youngest because he was so much like me when I was little.....not so compliant. They have both grown so much, and I'm proud of them.
Mom was June Cleaver with an attitude. A friend of hers wrote that she was certain that my mom was "up there" organizing all of heaven's closets. Mom would iron sheets...can you believe that? We surely appreciated it, though. I'm not my mom...just ask my kids. I think they appreciate me for my unique gifts as a mom! ;-)
My mom was very creative, but devoted herself completely to house and family. She was the center of the family, the bond that kept everyone together. I don't fill that bill, either! She would paint the rooms in the house a different color, often. Our neighbor was pretty sure the walls of the house were thicker and the rooms smaller than when it was built because of all the coats of paint. But, she would paint the coolest colors...nothing harsh, but....interesting. She gave me a bunch of paints, brushes, and told me to paint something on my first mural! and it was the selling point for the next people that bought the house when we moved.
If she saw you were interested in something, she would make it her quest to gift you with supplies, books, whatever, to help you succeed. Her whole life was wrapped up in taking care of everyone else. I always wanted her to take care of her. My favorite time with her was when she went back to school at Mount Mercy College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. A whole new side of her, I was pleased to see. One time I went over there after classes and found her in the lounge, hanging with her school chums, talking and laughing. She really found herself there, but when my dad transferred to Dallas, that all sort of ended. He travelled a lot, my brother and I were in college in Iowa until I decided to move down. She was alone a lot down here at first and it was hard for her. She tried to go back at UTDallas, but it just wasn't the same.
If you've made it this far, I guess my point is: it's great to take care of everyone, to serve others, to be the backbone of a family. . .just please don't take it to extremes. Take care of yourself, follow your dreams, take time for yourself. I wish my mom would have been able to do that more.


Missy said...

I can't imagine all the lives she may have affected with such a heart. I'm glad she let you paint on the wall. :)

I hope today brought you peace and happy memories, dear friend.

milly said...

Golly Karen what a blessing she was for you.

Our moms died only weeks from each other.

Now they are hanging out together. ;-}
I hope they have lots of coffee.

I know how the holidays are when you miss your mom.

Lots of prayers for you.

karen said...

Thanks, was kind of a milestone year.
Milly, I like the thought of them hanging out together! Maybe they're saying, "Hey! Our girls are blogpals!" Prayers for you, too.

Don R said...

great story, and even better advice.
On another subject: look for an email.

NoVA Dad said...

What a magnificent tribute to your mother. One thought comes to mind: you say at the end that you should take time for yourself, to follow your dreams, etc. Perhaps your mother's dream was to watch you do as well as you have, and that by helping you as much as she did she was doing that very thing. Just a thought...

Hope all is well in your home...

karen said...

Thanks, Don...I will!

Matt, could be! Thanks for that thought. It helps!

Dave said...

It seems to me that your mom has left a wonderful legacy.

Robert said...

sweet and loving tribute a wonderful lady karen your mom sounds like she left impressions on many people probably alot who you would never even know but she did you definitely are her legacy hope the love and warmth that comes in remembering help you during the holidays dear friend

romelette said...

oh this makes me miss my mommy more. i lost my father and mother 1995. they died 12 days apart. and i for one cannot believe that its been 13 years and i have survived without them.