Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Putting the engine in....

Prophesied over me on Tuesday. I've been a glider.....gliding with God, quietly, gently, moving with Him doing His stuff....
but now is the time to put the engine in and make a little noise.

Dreams last night; I asked God for something, anything to help get me through this stuff I'm going through. He is so faithful, so more faithful than I.
3 dreams;
First one about the forgiving child in me and that He is pleased that I no longer want to annihilate those who would try to hurt me.

The second about my obedience to be still and be healed and gather His energy; yet that I am obedient to push past my pain to continue to minister to others. (That certainly ain't easy sometimes, but it blesses me back.)

The third, a golden/silver hallway that I am in at the top of a building looking over the spiritual colors of the ocean...I'm given a white plate with a piece of white cake (a gift) with golden frosting. I'm to partake of it with a silver fork. How humbling is that? He is so good.

My friend Connie is a psalmist. She writes lovely songs that reveal the scriptures in new light. Before she sings anything, she teaches from the Bible about where and how the Lord gave her the song, she honors Him and gives Him full credit. That means a lot to me when I listen. She is gifted in so many ways. She asks Him for a song or a photograph (She's an incredible photographer. New gifts when we are humble to receive!) and He is faithful to grant her request....just like my dreams were an answer. She uses what He gives her to bless others. She is going through some stuff, yet she still moves for others.

We can ask Him for what we need..what we would like to share with others. Ask Him to rain it down on you, then use it to spread His light to others. There is no room here for envy of the gifts of others. Check your motives at the door. You have the same opportunity, if you will unwrap yourself from yourself and look outward. When He bestows these gifts for you to take to others, the real gift will be bestowed upon you.

My prayer for anyone reading this is for such dreams and gifts to be rained on you! For peace and comfort in your trying days; for opportunity to bless the lives of others through His words; that you would be vessel to pour out healing waters onto someone else. That in this, you will be also be healed.


Christine said...

The many benefits of the blog world~ not only does it give you a place to give to the world whatever God may ask you to give, but it also allows you to glimpse the insights and heart-knowledge of others!
Tres cool....

Karen said...

...that piece of cake is for all of us!:-)