Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Everybody has a story... what my blind friend Bruce told me. He's right. Behind every face, every persona, there lies a sad story or tragedy. Everyone has something, some cross to bear.....and usually when we hear someone else's story...we're happy to keep our own!
Christine, Crystal, Fish, Paige, Larry, Lisa, Patchouli, Jordan, Kurt, Arnie, Joan,....and everyone else....your stories are noticed!
Prayers abound.


Paige said...

Yes the grass may appear to be greener.. but who wants to be on a septic tank?
Feel no sorrow nor pitty for us... for we are blessed in the Lord. All we can ask of our siblings in Christ is to pray for God to do what is best. As it is His will that shall be done.
Thanks to you Karen & to all my siblings

Christine said...

Gee, I made the List!
And how are YOU?

Karen said...

Paige, no pity my dear...just understanding. You're on a tough road.
Christine! Of course you made the list! You've been through a lotta stuff.
I'm doing well, some really fun med tests :-P I'll be glad when it's over!

Lisa said...