Friday, October 03, 2008

I watched the VP debate last night, fully expecting Palin to be chewed up and spit out. I was surprised and intrigued with her poise and ability to think on her feet. If she took a Government 101 speed class to pass this test, she passed. I'm surprised, though, that she didn't go for the jugular with Obama's links to subprime leaders and the beginnings of this mess .


Missy said...

I was a bit suprised at how comfortable she seemed. She has amazing eye contact when she speaks - it was mesmerizing at times.

I read this article this morning and found the statistics rather interesting. I have been watching this stuff unfold in NW Tarrant County for years - watched young friends and family buy and default on homes - sometimes more than once, AFTER filing bankruptcy. Banks made some stupid decisions at the prompting and encouragement of congressional and gov't economic bigwigs - and it began with Clinton. But Bush kept it going.

See, I'm still stuck with Independent! But still, although Palin dodged a lot, she held her own far better than I expected, and made it sound good when she was dodging. She earned a point with me. :)

karen said...

My vote is pushing toward McCain because an Obama administration scares me more. Back to the lesser of two evils.
Since Bush was pushing for reform many times, I'll have to disagree with you on that count.
Tarrant county has a big foreclosure rate--those folks have to be held accountable as well.

karen said...

Palin earned some points with me as well! ;-)

Milly said...

She should think fast on her feet she has what 20 kids!

I'm in hate of these folks to be honest. I'm so worn out.

Robert said...

very tough choice here. Mccain is like Giuliani, very liberal on a lot of issues,yet not nearly as much as obama.Part of me just thinks an obana presidency would cause a shakeup that might awaken grassroots movements again in pursuing progressive change. I am with milly though, just don't know.