Saturday, October 11, 2008

I promised myself no YouTube stuff...

Are they saying "Alpha Omega"?!
"Because of Obama" they will succeed?
That is sad, indeed.
(For the record, I don't think this video has been sanctioned by O.)


Milly said...

Some of what they are saying is cool. They are inspired just as I’m sure that young women are by Sarah. It says that it’s Black Youth for Obama and they are selling it just as I did in college when I was campaigning for Carter and working hard to get a student government started on campus. We succeeded BTW. I hope that they are inspired to do great things. The Alpha and Omega thing I don’t get but I do understand the idea of what they are doing.

karen said...

So, milly, we're ignoring the Alpha and Omega reference and the military outfits?
You don't see the militant/Hitler youth parallel here? Or, am I the only one?
Maybe Obama sees the problems with it--it's not included on his webpage.

Kansas Bob said...

The source of this video is a school in the KC area.. the teacher was disciplined.. I think!

There is a McCain teen video out there also.

This campaign is making people nuts :)

karen said...

Bob, I saw some where the "youth" were voicing their opinions; but none like this--militant, Alpha Omega, chanting stuff. Nor anything like the kids singing about Obama--that one was weird, too.
Can you lead me to one that is of this ilk....chanting or singing about McCain? I'll post it here.

Gary Means said...

I think this is a bit silly, but did you listen to what those kids said? I aspire to be an engineer, an architect, etc. They also said, I will take responsibility for my own life.

There is a HUGE difference between these enthusiastic young men and the Hitler Youth. The Hitler-Jugend organization was founded with the intention of recruting and training future members of the paramilitary Storm Regiment. After 1936 it was compulsory, which is why Ratzinger, the current Pope had been a member.

This group of young men is being trained in hate or to kill, at least as far as I know. They are learning to believe in themselves, to live responsible lives.

Sure they shouted out stuff about Obama's health care plan. So what? As for the military uniforms, would you be more comfortable if they had been wearing gangbanger clothing?

If I learn that this has been secretly orchestrated by Obama in an attempt to train and indoctrinate young black men to hate and fight whitey, well, then I will be alarmed.

The people shouting KILL HIM and TERRORIST and TRAITOR about Obama at McCain and Palin rallies are far scarier than these young men.

Gary Means said...
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Gary Means said...

Obviously I meant to write "This group of young men is NOT being trained to hate or to kill, at least as far as I know. They are learning to believe in themselves, to live responsible lives. I applaud these efforts.

I must admit if I saw a group of redneck skinhead youth in fatigues chanting about McCain I would be concerned, especially with McCain's alleged ties to former Nazi collaborators, antisemites, and Central American death squads. Portion of story below:

By PETE YOST, Associated Press Writer Tue Oct 7, 7:53 PM ET

WASHINGTON - Barack Obama has his William Ayers connection. Now John McCain may have an Iran-Contra connection. In the 1980s, McCain served on the advisory board to the U.S. chapter of an international group linked to ultra-right-wing death squads in Central America.

The U.S. Council for World Freedom aided rebels trying to overthrow the leftist government of Nicaragua. That landed the group in the middle of the Iran-Contra affair and in legal trouble with the Internal Revenue Service, which revoked the charitable organization's tax exemption.

The council created by retired Army Maj. Gen. John Singlaub was the U.S. chapter of the World Anti-Communist League, an international organization linked to former Nazi collaborators and ultra-right-wing death squads in Central America. After setting up the U.S. council, Singlaub served as the international league's chairman.

McCain's tie to Singlaub's council is undergoing renewed scrutiny after his campaign criticized Obama for his link to Ayers, a former radical who engaged in violent acts 40 years ago. Over the weekend, Democratic operative Paul Begala said on ABC's "This Week" that this "guilt by association" tactic could backfire on the McCain campaign by renewing discussion of McCain's service on the board of the U.S. Council for World Freedom, "an ultraconservative right-wing group."

Milly said...

I have not looked into the school but are they actually in the uniform of the day?

We have military academies here and we have teens in those kind of things here.

Yes some of what they are saying is wrong but they are campaigning.

I didn’t even come close to thinking Hitler. I still don’t see that. I’m with Gary on this one. Look without a doubt Obama is going to be an inspiration for young black men. It’s a good thing. This video is just a bunch of boys stomping that’s an art form on campuses and they have competitions. It’s great to watch. In no way are they “Chanting” this is part of their heritage. I don’t have time to find a video this morning.

karen said...

Gary, so it's different if white kids are in fatigues chanting for someone than black kids? With O's association with Ayers and his questionable funding from foreign sources? How is that different?Sounds like a double standard.
Of course I heard what they said. Alpha Omega? Is Obama the Messiah? I love that they are empowered to be someone. I wish they could find their own power to do that for themselves...not because of someone else. If it has to be someone else, I wish they would look to Dr. King. Even Obama's people have disassociated themselves with this one and the other one with the young kids singing to O-so they obviously see the problem.
As I've said, I don't like either candidate. That means I'm not giving this video a nod.

karen said...

If some of what they are saying is wrong, why is that okay?
They most certainly are chanting.They are using the term that names our Lord and Savior.

The crap shouted at McCain's rallies about Obama is WRONG as well. Why are we finding this stuff acceptable? I'm finding that Obama and McCain supporters are turning a blind eye to the wrongdoings in order to get their candidate elected. That's exactly what happened in Nazi Germany. The neighboring farm folk ignored the smell of the crematoriums at concentration camps. They ignored Hitler's rants against the Jews. Think I'm over reacting? It can always happen again, especially when we start to turn the blind eye.

I haven't found a similar McCain video, either.

Kansas Bob said...

Are you saying that Obama is supporting these videos Karen? Just a bit confused at why you are bringing in Hitler?

karen said...

KB, It's in writing: I said at least 3 times that the Obama campaign is NOT supporting these videos. They, too, evidently see the problem with them. Obama's web page took down the one with the little kids singing to him. They see it.

This has less to do with Obama and McCain, and more to do with what people are finding acceptable. We have lowered our standards.

Evidently, my point is lost.

The videos are very similar to communist youth indoctrinations--ample film footage available on those...Germany and North Korea, for example (Jugend means youth in German. I speak German)

But now that you mention it, it occurs to me that the German economy was a wreck at the time before Hitler's rise. The middle class was in ruins, and one man stood up and promised a stronger country and a stronger middle class. He played to people's fears. That was Hitler.

Kansas Bob said...

Playing to people's fears.. hmmm.. which candidate are you speaking about?

karen said...

Both of them.

Gary Means said...

You said, "Gary, so it's different if white kids are in fatigues chanting for someone than black kids? With O's association with Ayers and his questionable funding from foreign sources? How is that different?Sounds like a double standard." Not at all, it's just that if they were supporting McCain, there would be a greater chance that there would be training for violence. The people that McCain has been attracting have a long history of lynching African Americans. Considering the things yelled at his rallies, and considering his connections to death squads and former nazi collaborators, I would be concerned.

You were alarmed at the clothing of the youth supporting Obama. Would you have preferred that they were wearing gangbanger clothing?

You also said, "Alpha Omega? Is Obama the Messiah?" Karen, do you honestly think that's what they are saying? I doubt if most people outside the evangelical subculture know those words are a name, let alone a title associated with Christ. However, if they are "worshipping" Obama as the Messiah, I clearly would have a problem with that. But probably not much more of a problem than I have with a lunatic fringe Christian like Palin getting into the White House.

karen said...

Yeah, that's what they were saying.

There are lunatics that are not "fringe Christians" as well. Jeremiah Wright's Black Liberation Theology isn't a peaceful doctrine in the least.
Supporters of McCain have a long history of lynching African Americans? Those must be some old dudes.
I cannot label the supporters of either candidate. They are all very diverse.
I'm going to stop now.

Kansas Bob said...

What do you think of this McCain rally prayer Karen?

karen said...

Tired of strawman arguments.
My post was about this video.
Pretty sure I said I was stopping, Bob.

karen said...

I'm sorry that was so short, KB.

This post was about what I felt was the scariness of a bunch of underage teens in military outfits shouting "Alpha Omega" presumably about their hero, Obama.
Instead of just voicing opinions on this particular subject, I got derailing and counter-attacks on John McCain.
I haven't even decided how to vote yet.
I'm taking a break.

Someday said...

Thanks for the video Karen. I think I understand your point, and it's a good one.

I am not an Obama supporter, so to me it is a little scary. If I were an Obama supporter, it might seem perfectly OK. I see it through my bias, as does the commentator that admitted he felt that if it were McCain supporters, then it would be scary to him.

So my biased opinion is that all of these Messiah references, the alpha omega references, and "The One" references all point to a phenomenon that is somewhat eerie.


karen said...

Thanks, Someday. I'd be just as scared if it were kids doing this for Ron Paul, or John McCain.
We couldn't come up with a similar video for McCain, though.
I'd like kids to think for themselves. Nothing wrong with a role model as long as that role model isn't worshipped.
Thanks for stopping by!