Wednesday, October 08, 2008


I missed a lot of the debate last night because our choral group was rehearsing our talent show song. From what I saw, it seemed kind of a dud.

For all they are worth, the polls indicate Obama as the probable winner. Over at Brian's place, he has been giving his views on Obama--and if O wins, I truly hope Brian's right. I respect his opinions--heck, I'd vote for BRIAN. From what I've read so far, I don't necessarily see the positive aspects of Mr. O. However, it is entirely possible that I'm wrong! ;-) I really hope so. It fascinates me that people can see things SO very differently!

I'd love to see this country come together. It seems more divided now than ever. I blame the media, first and foremost. Now they are stirring more and more fear about the economy--one headline states "Only one thing keeping us from a depression." How responsible is that? It's simply not true. I feel like the country is a puppet to them. Do they just throw a dart to see what they'll come up with next? There is no accountability there.

So, what did you think of the debate? What are your thoughts about the future of this country?


brian said...

My forecast Karen. A storm is coming. No. It's here. Too many days of living too high on the hog. We need an economic "cleansing" and it's not going to be pretty. Credit must tighten up. Housing prices must fall. We cannot indefinitely drive our economy on buying things we cannot afford. The chickens have come home to roost.

I think that we will weather the storm though. I don't know how long it will last or how bad it will be. I hope that our country will show compassion for those who don't have the means to ride the storm out as well as others. Many Americans are living on razor thin margins right now. It's going to be pretty ugly, I'm afraid.

I hope that America makes the right choice on November 4th and we have an effective leader in the White House again. No matter what one's politics, I think the absence of any leadership from George Bush over the last several months has been undeniably appalling. Where is he? Hiding in a cave with Cheney?

I too am amazed at how we can look at the same things and see them so differently. I've tried to remain cautiously optimistic about Obama. I don't see him as our Messiah. But, I am confident he is the best man to lead us through this mess. I hope that G-d preserves and inspires whichever man is elected because we're going to need good leadership.

Hopefully in the next four weeks, I can bring you over to the good guys' side. ;-)


karen said..., we're on the evil side, hmmmmm? ;-D Mwah ha ha!
I agree with you. I'm hoping Americans will weather this out and come out stronger for it. If you read my post a couple weeks ago, I blamed Americans for most of this mess.
I pray for the winner; for strength and support. They will need it.
And, apparently, Obama, McCain, and George Bush are all distantly related, so it really doesn't matter! Mwah ha ha!

brian said...

No, Karen. Not the evil side. Just not as good. LOL.

I hope you'll take that in jest. Good people support each candidate.


Don said...

"The purveyors of information control our thoughts, minds, ideas." Oh, God I hope not, but I fear that is correct for far too many people in this country who do not make any attempt to think for themselves.

Kansas Bob said...

I think that pain is starting to trickle down big time..