Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I was taking a break, or so I thought. I know one thing. Never again, never anything of a political nature here. I'll have to trust Him when I step up to the ballot. I have no idea what I'm going to do.

Still may take a break, but God's working.

After my friend called about his daughter and grandson, and not knowing what was happening, or even if they were alive, I got on my knees and thanked God for them, and prayed His hand in their lives, and asked Him if they were okay. He said, "Yes."

Of course, we never trust ourselves, do we? We're obviously talking to ourselves. What does it take to trust? I was overcome with a sense of peace after I heard that, though. Turns out I heard right. Praise God.

Yesterday, I was asking God why we suffer so much, so many in such pain. Many of you are in pain with chronic disease. I'm in the middle of a wicked flare of lupus and fibromyalgia right now. I have only worked 2 days out of the last 8.
Why is my stepmom suffering with a neurological disease just when she found happiness with my dad?
Why are KB and Ann also dealing with a neurological illness and both of them with such trials?
Why are some moms going through so much right now?

"Why, God?" I asked.

He said, "My Son suffered, too, you know."

A tad angry, I said, "Well, at least He knew what was going to happen after all that!!"

God said, "So do you."


brian said...

A simple yet profound thought we all need to keep in mind, Karen.

Pain doesn't last always and joy comes in the morning.

brian said...

Your post reminded me of this song, Karen. Thanks.

Missy said...

Karen, I'll be in prayer about your flare up. I can't do much, but I can do that.

I'm a little goose-bumply. I've asked the same question, got the exact reponse, gave the same response (even the bit of af anger) and got the exact final response.

I'm glad your break was short. :)

karen said...

Thanks, Brian. That vid made my whole week. Love that song!
Giving thanks in all circumstance.
Goose-bumply, missy, me, too!
Thanks so much!

Milly said...

I've been working on a voice of God post. Funny how it works.

I'm not talking politics these days and still have no clue about how to vote at times.


karen said...

Looking forward to that post, milly. Thanks.
Voting. }}shiver{{

Kansas Bob said...

What he spoke to you touched me Karen.. thanks so much for sharing it!

karen said...


Robert said...

thank you for your words at my place sweet crazy friend :) Those are daunting words He gave you but not so much when the joy prmised is able to be applied inside praying your health issues settle down as well