Sunday, October 26, 2008

MY turn

I commented on another blog that I had REALLY McVoted and that I wasn't choosing the lesser of two evils....that I just didn't pick the evil.
Oh, my....
The fact is, that I can have an opinion. I speak only for myself, yet, I've seen many on blogs speak for everyone. And I have not made personal jabs at anyone for their opinions...even though I've taken them.
Or, maybe we're not going to have free speech anymore.
The other morning a news story broke that the Obama camp has frozen out a news station for asking tough questions--she based them on Biden's OWN comments. Biden didn't like her questions and belittled her. How is the most likely coming Obama Administration going to handle tough grilling? Apparently, by attacking and freezing out those who might ask tough questions. Joe the Plumber has been attacked every which way because he had the audacity to ask a question.
Sarah Palin has basically taken all the heat. An effigy of Obama was met with outrage and censorship at a of Palin hanging by the neck was allowed to hang in the interest of free speech. And, the outrage about her clothing. Campaigns can spend their money any way they want. Whether it's on a jet for Obama, or clothing for Palin that she donates. Personally, I find her clothing less of an issue than the company Barack Obama has kept for 2 or more decades. The argument that Jesus hung around with questionable characters falls flat. I don't think there were unrepentant criminals in his posse.
I've taken note that Biden has refrained from speaking much, but when he does, he puts his foot in his mouth...and still nothing happens. I watched Charlie Gibson a couple of times and the sneering in his face and voice when he said, "McCain" was disgusting. As a former journalism major, these guys fall flat on the core of reporting: objectivity.
I've seen McCain accused of fear mongering and anger, with the same behavior by the accusers. I've seen an incredibly condescending Ron Howard video. Must be nice to be a gazillionaire director who can "teach" the ignorant masses to not be afraid of "change." I've seen comments about how stupid people are because they don't agree with the commenter. And this is from people who claim that one man is going to change everything. Human nature will not change. Hate and anger are in abundance in both parties.
I've kept the Madonna "I'm gonna kick Palin's ass" concert video off of here. And Sandra Bernhard's anti-Palin foul-mouthed diatribe off. And the "Sarah Palin is a C...T" t-shirt pictures off.
I do see a dark side to Obama. I hear a lot of "He has inspired ME." or "He has given ME hope." Me, me, me.
And, I can say so. A lot of bloggers don't agree with me. Will we still be friends when this is all over? I can love you and completely disagree with you. The most vocal of you are Obama followers. The least vocal are McCain's.
The trick to keeping an open mind is to make sure it's not so open that the brains fall out.
I can't wait for Wednesday morning.