Monday, September 29, 2008

Shakin' up our prayer life. . .

This is both rambling and freeing....

For the second time in my life, I was in prayer this morning that transcended most prayer time. I started shaking and it just freaks me out. . .but my prayer was in-depth and most personal and meaningful to me as I entered in.
First, I thought, well, that's just evil or something because there's not really any scripture about people shaking. There is scripture in Acts about the PLACE shaking (after I read that I heard an audible voice: "So, PLACES can shake, but not YOU?") and a scripture also: They were filled with the Holy Spirit. Through prayer, they received the Holy Spirit who gave them boldness and energy to move on. Acts 4:31 (some verses say "boldness" some say "power" I'm still looking at this.)
Well, what is energy, boldness, power? What does energy, boldness, power that comes from the Holy Spirit feel like? I imagine it's something. The word in that verse is, I think, parresia: freedom to speak one's mind, boldly, openly--can mean risking self to tell what in on the mind. Which makes sense because I'm risking you thinking me a nut case when you read this.
Hebrews 12:26-29 was another verse.
I felt I needed to check on this and called an accountability friend. He assured me that he didn't feel it was anything evil and that he has experienced it as well. He told me he felt the Lord wanted me to ask these questions and to search out...that He might be taking me to another level. I realized that I have had the most amazing spiritual dreams this past week and have had some revelation.
My purpose in writing this is to admit that my prayer life as of late had been weak. I haven't fully entered in because of distractions, etc. I pray for others and get a Word here and there, but as for my life and situation. . .nada. Weak is the word. I went to that place this morning after the week of dreams to enter in--I felt like I have been ignoring Father...and it then felt as though I had been gripped by pure energy--no power from me but going through me. As it subsided, I felt as though a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. . .and calm washed over. Maybe He was just shaking me to my senses!
My point is to ask you this: has anything like this ever happened to you?
What is the status of your prayer life?
You don't have to answer that last one--just think about it. Does your prayer life need shaking up?


Kansas Bob said...

Over the years I have had several experiences similar to the one you describe Karen.. maybe not as intense? It seems that these types of experiences always take me by surprise. I view these types of experiences as extraordinary but not weird.

This has been a strange season of prayer for me. Navigating through hardship has seemed to take my prayer life in strange places. It is discouraging when you pray a lot and don't see results.

Just found out today that my 40 year old niece, Lynn, has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Lynn and her husband Gary have 4 girls ages 15 and under. She is scheduled for surgery on Oct 8.. I am concerned for her - please pray.

karen said...

Thanks, Bob. Your confirmation comforts me very much.

I will be praying for Lynn. I have two friends, one in her 30's and one in her 70's, who are both long time survivors of ovarian cancer. Ironically, it was in praying for the elder friend that I had the other experience.
Or, maybe not ironically.

Missy said...

I feel like I am running from prayer and God keeps gently nudging me back. I have had a few experiences similar to what you describe, and I would describe the ability to speak that comes from those moments in exactly the same way. I know this when words of encouragement in truth come from my mouth but clearly not my own thoughts.

You're gonna think this is a joke, but maybe you know me enough by know to get the truth of it: most of my shaking, when it comes to prayer and the word of God, has been a physical response of my own rebellion.

Missy said...

Bob, I just read your comment about your niece. I will be praying for her.

Maggie said...


Not to make light of your experience--more to just add my thoughts.

I am not sure why a person would think that "evil" had entered his or her body because they were shaking.

I think you had a powerful awakening experience. I think the life force surrounds us daily, though we may not know why certain sensations are perceptible on certain days and nonexistent on others.

If what you experienced brought enlightenment to you, embrace that.

We are surrounded by energy. As far as I know, energy is neither good nor bad. It just is.

I hope the experience has given you some insight about your life and the issues you are having to deal with, and I think, based on what you wrote, that is exactly what happened.

I feel a powerful sense of the universe and belonging in that.


karen said...

Missy, thanks, I don't think it was from rebellion; rather, I've just been lackadaisical. I'm sure I didn't spell that right. Some might call that disobedient, but I don't see my Father as a punishing Father. I entered into the spirit and got exactly what I needed, I think!
Maggie, you are very much correct, I believe. The brief thinking of 'evil' was throwback from fundamentalists telling me ridiculous stuff. Evil certainly exists, though. I've seen it. But, the experience brought good and deeper faith-walk. Tis good.

Lynne said...

I think the most consistent thing about my prayer life over the years has been its inconsistency.There have been intense periods when the experience of His presence was so close, and dry arid stretches when it seems that the greatest faith-act I am capable of is just hanging on. I no longer beat myself up for being down -- to say that it was my wrong that made Him seem far away seems to me equal to saying that it was some good in me that caused the experience of His nearness.
For me, the poet george Herbert expressed it best. in a poem called "The Temper" he speaks of the ups and downs of his relationship with god and concludes by saying:

Yet take thy way ; for sure thy way is best :
Stretch or contract me thy poore debter :
This is but tuning of my breast,
To make the musick better.

Whether I flie with angels, fall with dust,
Thy hands made both, and I am there.
Thy power and love, my love and trust,
Make one place ev’ry where.

Missy said...

Oh, no - K, I shoulda put a smiley face next to that sentence. I was not implying that you were rebellious - as I have been a benefactor of the Word through you. I meant I shake from the frustration of my own internal struggles. I often feel a duplicitous spirit at work in me - I know one thing to be true but am deceitfully influenced by another thing altogether (call it my prior training - akin to fundamentalism).

Milly said...

Not shaking but something. I'll blog about it some day.

I'm standing in two places these day one on the joy of the Lord and two on the sorrow of my marriage and how he has torn un apart and continues to do so. Still God is grand.

My friend DeAnn looks to be cancer free! God hears those prayers.


... Paige said...

I guess the shaking did what it was supposed to.
I have not had that but my sprit has "quickened" when I have over heard people talking of witnessing miracles. That is sorta a shaking in the center of my body that left me feeling giddy and free.

karen said...

Lynne, that's an awesome poem, thank you.
Missy, I get ya!
Milly, please do blog about your experience. I'm so happy for your friend DeAnn. And praying for you.
Paige, yep, we get "shook" one way or another! Thank you for sharing that.