Monday, September 01, 2008

How is your holiday?

Ours is nice.
Dinner with family, working on web copy for a client, catching up on laundry. Our dryer died last week and the quickest we could get someone here because of work, was Saturday. Our dryer, 23 years old, dried its last. Since I have a longstanding aversion to laundromats (sat in way too many of them!) last week I was washing, hanging up clothes to dry, and ironing.
It made me appreciate our conveniences even more. I like to iron, though, and laundry was intentional...picking only what we needed at the time, alloting time for air drying.
Our Maytag washer is still kicking, thank God, and the repairman said it should last a good while longer. Still, it was sad to see the old dryer go away. . .I had it before babies; it faithfully dried their little onesies, jammies, and overalls....all the way up to their Scout shirts and Led Zeppelin T's, and it dried my grandson's clothing as well.
Our new dryer was delivered this morning, and has been busy all day.
How was your weekend?


Maggie said...


I did not labor much on this Labor Day. I took a walk this morning.

My husband actually wanted to take the morning walk with Molly and me. He walks her in the evenings, but I do mornings. It was already so damn hot at 8:30 that I nearly collapsed. He took Molly under a shade tree after she was clearly exhausted within 15 minutes of being outside.

After that, I came home and got in bed to continue my reading. Annie Dillard. I finished Pilgrim At Tinker Creek and highly recommend it, and I started another one by Annie--An American Childhood, I think. I completed it today and will start on a third by her--The Writing Life.

I tend to read fiction more than anything else, but Annie is nonfiction and brilliant and motivating and sometimes terribly verbose because she is so in love with life, and for all those reasons and more, I love her work.

I also have One Day In The Life of Ivan Denisovich on my bedisde table. I am rereading it. I fell in love with it in high school and with Solzhenitsyn. I do lots of rereads.

So, I didn't labor, but I did get up and go to the grocery. I decided on steaks, potatoes, and vegetable kabobs for dinner with a nice red wine. I am feeling rather fine just now!

Sorry about your dryer, but you sure got a lot of years out of it!

I hope whatever you did today gave you some joy!

karen said...

Your day sounds great! Mine started with a walk with ms. gracie; I worked in the yard a little bit, watered, paid bills, cleaned out some stuff. Husband cooked on the grill, so I didn't cook at all. Yeah, it was good! :-)
Your reading list sounds more intellectual than mine...I found a Mrs. Pollifax book that belonged to my decided to read that and "walk" it with her, if you know what I mean...
Mom's interests ran far and wide, from sci-fi to mysteries.

Abby said...

I remember before she started really working a lot, my mother always used to hang clothes out to dry in the summertime. This may reveal the snob in me, but I never liked it as much...I always thought the clothes were too stiff and didn't smell right...I love the clean clothes smell you get from fabric softener and dryer sheets.

RIP for your old dryer, but yay for the new one!

karen said...

The new dryer and I are trying to get to know each has many settings. I love the light that comes on when you open the door! Whoo hoo!
I haven't really hung the clothes in this summertime heat...they fry and become stiff boards of fabric. I hang them on...the healthrider! LOL

Kansas Bob said...

We dumped both w&d when we moved 5+ years ago. The older ones were bigger but these front loaders work great for someone in a wheelchair :)

Milly said...

sorry about dryer

I worked then went to the aunt's home for a cookout

karen said...

KB, this dryer is purty darn big, so I'm happy about that!
Milly, hope it was fun at your aunt's.

Don said...

A house full of family. What could be better? I dunno, peace and quiet? I'm getting too old for