Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Puzzle pieces

Gary Means directs us to a blog by Tim (which by the way is a good read!) and his struggles with healing. I can relate. A friend of mine feels deeply the pain a lot of you are going through, so healing is definitely a subject in the universe right now.

As I read Gary's and Tim's posts, I could relate. My anger about my stupid foot right now goes deeper than the foot and its pain. After struggling for years with Crohns, lupus, fibromyalgia, tinnitus and thyroid disease, I finally reached a point where I decided to be healed. I believed it. I thanked God for it. I started walking and strength-training. I'm losing weight. Now, I'm felled by a freaking foot. It's such a small thing, for God's sake, there are people suffering with horrible diseases--some in my own family.

I am blessed beyond belief, and yet I'm pissed off, too. So close.

I wonder what I'm missing.


Tim Davis said...

Right back at you Karen. Thanks for the encouragement. I was up this morning at 3:00 burning w/ the thoughts of prayer. I'm afraid my subsequent post got a bit long :-)

I'm sorry about your foot; more so about the frustration this stuff does to one's spiritual life. I pray God's healing for you. I pray His blessings on you ... His peace for you. In spades, Sister!

karen said...

Thanks, Tim! Glad Gary led the way to your blog. Good stuff!

I read your recent post. I look forward to reading more of your thoughts.

Kansas Bob said...

I have found that I cannot rationalize the pain away but I can be content when I embrace where I am.. warts and wheelchairs alike.. not a job for my head though.. as you know Karen.

Hope your foot heals fast.

Blessings, Bob

Missy said...

Somedays I can just imagine Satan saying, "You know, God, I know she stayed faithful the last time, but if you just let me do _____, I know she will fail you! If you really have faith in her, you'll let me try."

Then I think to myself, "Ah, see He has faith in me yet!"

That's not very healthy, is it? :)

I do get it, sister! I love you and keep praying for you. I'll go read Tim's post now...

karen said...

Thanks, KB...I made some peace with it today. ..I'll go peruse your link!
missy, those thoughts went through my head today! I think it might be healthy in a weird way! I thought that in the next few days I'd stay off the foot and work on my drawings and paintings for Him. I figured that would make the enemy a tad p-o'd himself!
Maybe that's what He has in mind! LOL.
love you, too, my sistah!