Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy Monday?

Got the foot shot on Friday, heck, that didn't feel good, but not as bad as pushing out a 10 lb baby boy with a 15" head, drug-free, with a migraine headache. It's all relative.

He suggests another in a couple of weeks. Hmm....guess maybe I will. Why the heck not? I'll plan on smacking myself in the head for a good 10 minutes with a wooden plank so the foot pain will seem insignificant. Not much result yet. I stayed off it, and then worked in the yard yesterday...but I didn't "stand" or put all my weight on it. Still hurts. A glass of wine seems to help.

Oh, well. I must push forward. Lots to do. I've been feeling good, and it's like a person who wakes up from a coma. Hey, feel great! Look at all the paperwork and dust.

Awaiting bloodwork that was also done.
In a funky mood. Can you tell?

How's about you?

Check out Missy's blog It's like she has a cool index of what's happening on everyone's blog! :-D


Robert said...

hey karen!!!! very cool to hear the foot shot wasn't too bad I wonder if a shot exists for preventing gout lol i wish!!! I hope it gets better and better for you and keep on with your funky mood sounds fun!!!

Milly said...

Yiks with a head banger and no drugs, YOU WIN!

Sorry about he foot. I'm praying for ya!

Don said...

Had a cortisone shot in the elbow one time from a orthopedic doc (tore ligament loose from the bone). I passed out, clean away on him. I woke to find him astraddle on me doing compressions on my chest and the nurse about to start an IV. Think I scared the "doc" out of him. He said my BP cratered. I don't remember anything but the BIG!! NEEDLE!! I am such a wuss!

karen said...

Don! LOL! I cringe at him doing chest compressions on you, though! Geez, I don't think your heart stopped! The practice of medicine...they keep practicing.

You are NOT a wuss!!!!

I imagine you were pretty frustrated at your elbow ligament, too.