Monday, June 16, 2008

Must have put my foot in my mouth one too many times. . .

Anyone out there have plantar fasciitis? My left foot is giving me fits. It's such a little thing, but I was really enjoying my walking. I walked at school, I walked around the neighborhood with the dog, I walked at the rec center. I NEED to walk, I CRAVE it, but I'm grounded right now, and I'm hopping (literally) mad. My overall pain had decreased considerably with exercise. Now, pain is all focused on one freakin' foot.
I have excellent walking shoes, I buy ol' granny SAS shoes, etc. I have orthotics, and still the dang thing is flared. I'm rigging up a night splint, but guess will need to order a "real" one.
Any advice other than rest, drugs, splinting, orthotics?


Missy said...

I'm so sorry, K. I've heard that is very painful. The only thing I have ever heard mentioned for effective relief is cortizone shots. I don't suspect that would be any new info.

I'm praying for you.

... Paige said...

Nothing from me either, sorry.
Yes the BSA, very sad. It is a loss that has touched many scouters both new and old.

Robert said...

sure wish i had a remedy karen I have on and off gout attacks which make me wish i had no foot when they hit ugh hope soon it will pass and you will be walking all over the place :)

codepoke said...

Been there, done that, not a big deal. Really.

Here's what you do.

Get yourself a tennis ball (or something similar, if you don't happened to have several hundred of them laying around like I do) and roll it under your foot as often as you can - especially when you wake up and go to bed.

It will hurt.

That's OK. You're not hurting anything doing this. Your plantar thingy just needs to be stretched back out. It will take time, but you'll notice a slight improvement in just days. Keep it up for a few weeks, and you'll never have the problem again.

Also, quit wearing any shoes that might be contributing to the problem. In my case, it was overly high-arched tennis shoes. In the case of many women, it's heels. But there may not be anything wrong with your shoes. Something strains the poor bugger, and it starts stressing, and then it just gets worse. Then you start protecting it, and next thing you know, it's gotten lazy. Stretching it beyond the degree of comfort is all it takes to remind it what it's job is.

karen said...

I figured I'd hear from the tennis dude! Yeah, I've been doing that, and the darn thing isn't behaving. No heels here, just good sneakers and SAS shoes.
(I do have tennis balls all over--but the dog keeps nippin' 'em!)I'll work at it more. Thanks!

Thanks, ya all. Counting my blessings that it isn't anything else! :-D

Lynne said...

CP's tennis ball thingy sounds like it would work the same way as what I was told to do years ago by a physio -- massage it with the back of a spoon in a stretching motion. and give it time. It didn't get that way overnight, it won't get better overnight. But it will get better .. i know, I've been there!

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Once again we have pain in commmon. I have had this and it was HORRIBLE! I had it in both feet and tried all the at home remedies but finally had to go to the dr. and get shots of cortisone in the soles of my feet. It worked and its never come back...that was about ten years ago.

But - tennis balls are great for muscles I use one daily on the knots in my calves :)

karen said...

Oh, Lord, help me now. It seems cortisone may be the only answer.
I've been through a lot of stuff, but I'll tell ya...the thought of a needle in my foot is absolutely frightening to me!
I had this about 8 years ago, in both feet. It resolved quickly with orthotics...they are not working now.

Anonymous said...


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