Thursday, July 17, 2008

A surprise knock on the door at 9:45pm

Pfc Robert is home early! He surprised his wife and son with an early arrival while they were eating out last night! Kyle told me he might be in early, but not to say anything. I was still surprised, thinking he was coming in TODAY! I heard a knock, Gracie was barking, but not her guard dog bark. I said, "Who is it?"
"Who do you think it is, mom?"
What a thrill! :-D
He'll be here for 12 days, then on to Special Ops training (I think) which is making him very happy
. Which makes us very happy.
Now, to get my older boy in Boston and hubby in Phoenix home tonight. I'll be even more happy!


TimD said...

That is awesome! I see his 2nd Infantry Div patch. Please, share a big hoowah. Tell him Ft Lewis is a much better place than the DMZ in Korea. Blessings - td

Missy said...

Dear, Lord - they always look so young in those uniforms!

I am so happy for you and that Robert is home safe for some time with family. You can certainly tell he's that boys father! :D

Missy said...
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karen said...

Tim, I'm glad you can make heads or tails outta those bars and such! Thanks, I will pass your message. I'm glad you've been found in this side o' blogland!

Missy, yes, he looks young--he's only 22. Ack!
"You can certainly tell he's that boys father! :D" Yeppers! Especially when Michael makes his angry face and scowls at me when told "NO!"!! LOL

... Paige said...

How grand!
What a wonderful time you'll have with all your men folk.
Be safe

Kansas Bob said...

Cool news.. have a great time while he is at home!

Milly said...


Abby said...

Lucky you, having all your boys back home!

BL said...


I can feel your joy