Friday, July 25, 2008

Catch up

Life is sweet with Bob here.

I had to withdraw my application for the teacher assistant job because of my foot on doctor advice. Guess God's got something else planned. Maybe I'll get certified. Or maybe I'll paint more.

Foot is still not great. A friend dropped off a walking cast. It helps, but it weighs a ton and I feel like the Borg or something with it. "Resistance is futile. . . ."

Gracie's bloodwork, which is always a little weird because of a congenital kidney problem, came back a little scarier this time. She is her usual crazy, hungry, energetic, self though. The vets aren't too concerned at this point, but I've kind of freaked.

The heat has put me off of working in the backyard for right now. It doesn't seem to matter that it's not all "together." Had some friends over last Friday night. I put out candles, lights, etc., and with the wonders of fellowship, it came alive. One friend said, "This is just wonderful!" It was because they were all here.

I'm trying to finish projects that were already in the works; a lightweight blanket for Michael--must finish before they move in October; a mosaic table so I can get it out of the garage; a pet marker for a friend, and a couple more mosaic projects.

Also trying to get the PAPER stuff out of the house!! What happened to the "paperless" society?? I have to shred half of it so no one takes up the "special offers" in our names and recyle the rest of it. I'm proud to say our weekly trash is about 1-2 small bags--the rest is recyled. Do you all have this paper chase?

What's up with you?


Kansas Bob said...

Sorry about your foot Karen.. I wish I couldn't relate :(

Life is different these days.. we are in transition.. life will be different in August when I enter retirement. Hope to travel some.. maybe we will make it to Texas when the weather gets cold in Kansas :)

NoVA Dad said...

Hey there; I'm also sorry to hear about your foot and hope that it heals up soon.

Life keeps me busy: traveling for my job; planning our family vacation in August; changing churches; watching my daughters grow; trying to find time to get some quality reading done...and on and on and on:-)

TimD said...

K Woman - I'm sorry about your foot. I pray ...

Bless you & yours - td

prodigaldaughter2 said...

so sorry about your foot :(

Milly said...

sorry about he foot. yes I'm try'n to be paperless, not make'n it happen.