Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Keeping up connections

I've been lax in visiting blogs this last week, and I missed Missy's post about a medical scare. I have many good face-to-face friends here in Texas, some of you in blogland have become those face-to-face friends like Missy and Don and Chappy. If I miss a crisis you're suffering, it bothers me the same as if it were happening with one of my Texas pals. Can't help it, that's the way I am.

I've talked with a few of you on the phone or IM, or Skype (Dave and Kriss!). That's been very special. Having a son who has most likely met his future wife via an online (W.O.W.) forum, I take my cyber-relationships pretty seriously. People get to know each other before ever meeting. . .like penpals of old. Lots of you are going through some tough stuff.

We're here for you--and know you're here for us as well.

I'm just sayin'.


Robert said...

I so agree karen!!! it is a wonderful thing to make solid friendships via the blogs and then actually meet face 2 face. I have had the fortune of meeting gary,pam and erin so far and hope to meet many more God willing!!! Lots of people dealing with serious issues i know what you mean about hurting for them just as if they were in person my friend!!! Add me to your yahoo Im if you have it karen magicgenie32 so glad i found your heresy page!!!

Don said...

I count you as a spiritual friend.

david santos said...


Kansas Bob said...

After I re-retire at the end of the month I will have more time to wander around in blogdom.. looking forward to it being a more frequent visitor :)