Saturday, December 01, 2007

Clean slates for everyone...

Thank you all who commented on my last post. I almost deleted it, but slept too late! If I had, I would have missed your blessings. It's hard, as you all know, for some reason, to tell our face to face friends some of this stuff...yet easier to put it out there on the whole world web! Why is that? It's so encouraging to have your support...I just can't say enough about that.

I got up and immediately broke my clean slate, so I got a new one. Kyle and I headed over to an Eagle project where I did, in fact, feel useful in that it was a painting project and I can be very helpful on those, particularly in the "resources and hints for success" department. It was a tough project; painting the US map on a playground, because the wind was wicked and it was rainy-misty.

They put up an awning thingie, and that wanted to blow off the face of the earth. Pretty exciting...but it was good to see a young man facing a tough project--and watch his face go from fear about his situation to a place of peace when he saw that everyone was supporting him in his trials.

I know just how he felt. :-}


Pat said...

How you do all that you do amazes me. Glad you are sticking to your words. Keep it up! God love you and so do I--and lots of other folks.

This isn't nearly as fine as the post I tried to make on your Nov. 30 words, but at least I may be able to get this one to its destination

MiLeTTe said...

i'm hoping you are in good condition now.

to brighten up your day, i have something for you in my blog.

this is to show how much i love your blog!

bjk said...

thanks for the are in my's weird the people I pray for and about....thanks

Joe said...

You should pay a lot more attention to how much you do accomplish the next time you start to get down on yourself.

Be happy!

karen said...

Thanks, milette! I left you a note on your blog!
Thanks becky! ARe the prayers weird, or the people? ;-)
Thanks, Joe! I'll try!