Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Now-- which blog was I? ;-)

Not sure I deserve this award. . .but appreciative of it none the less...a few blog buddies have bestowed it upon me and I am passing the torch.

Not sure because I've had a secret from some of you....my new "Say What?!?" blog. I just didn't list it and some found it. My cohort in the women's website that I was a part of even found it! No secrets on the 'net, eh? I'm not ashamed of my "heretical" blog (which means "questioning" blog) but I needed to throw some of my questions out without too much interference in the beginning. We had some really good discussions here on some of my questions, but it got distracting from my day to day blogging, know what I mean? I'm ready now--I don't have all the answers....probably none of them...but that's okay--I have a place to focus on them. Come on over if you like!

I'd link my blog awardees but I'm too lazy.
First off--Pat at Pat's Place of Grace. Her blog is new, but there is no way you're not gonna get Pat when Pat does something. She rocks.
Connie at Picture the Word. Same thing. She's gonna say it and it's the truth.
Don R at Don's Search for Life. Don is like me...questioning and rethinking. My hat's off to him.
Joe at Joe Rants...Joe has a no-nonsense approach to life..very honest..I love that.
Chris at Christopher's Thoughts..his honesty and openness is inspiring.
Brian at the Beautiful Heresy...it is beautiful...what an open-minded and kind guy.
Dave at Dave's Place...Dave lets us in on his life and struggles. I enjoy him and Kriss so much!
Helen.....Tweenie World....Helen opens her life and stuff up to us, as well...with a rockin' sense of humor!
Gary Means.....ya can't get more honest than this.
Larry.....ditto above. Larry makes me think. A lot.
Paige...Paige's prose and poetry take me to another place...so transparent.
Okay...the rest of you have been honored (and deservedly!) once or eight times! Missy, Milly, KB, Codepoke, Robert, Barbara, Becky, Matt, Milette....and I'll be back after I recheck my link list!!!


chris said...


chris said...

I really like the new site, Karen! i'll be visiting it often!!!

karen said...

Chris, great! Bring your thoughts...much needed!

Dave. said...

Thanks for that Karen.
But I'm blaming you for me and Kriss getting started on de-cluttering our life of needless 'crap'! Thanks a bunch! LOL!

Don said...

Thanks for the kind words.

Missy said...

I think anyone who has met you is please to know that you are who you seem to be - regardless of secret covert blogs. (hehe)

karen said...

oops Dave....sorry!! :-D
Don, you rock.
Thanks, Missy...underground blogs. Aren't most of them? lol

checking this one out, too for comment notification.~~karen

Barbara (aka Layla) said...

Heck yes you deserve this award! Your blog is transparently real and you inspire the heck out of me! You have such a great list of people that read here. I love so many of them!