Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The half century mark

AARP magazine has an article on the redefinition of age 50. Having hit this mark this year, I was tickled to see it. 6 "celebrities" who are turning 50:

Sharon Stone
Viggio Mortensen
Michelle Pfeiffer
Ellen Degeneres

My singing group sang last night for an assisted living center. This sweet woman walked up to me to say "thanks!" She is 97. That means she turned MY AGE in 1960!!
Whoa! Inspiring!


Dave. said...

It gets a bit scary when you start thinking about the 'time frames' that we live in. I was born 4 years after the end of WW2; next month we will have been in Scotland as long as I was in the air force. Scary! LOL!

Don R said...

It's all in your perspective. At 62, I am enjoying myself more than ever. What a great trip! What an experience!

Missy said...

Cool! It would seem that 50-year-old's comprise some of my favorite people. {c;

chris said...

I agree with Missy. you are some of my favorite people!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dave...yeah those time frames...arghh!
Don, your attitude rocks!'s you youngers that keep us young!!, too!

I'm signing this anonymously...having trouble getting comment notification via email. Checkin' it out.--karen

Barbara (aka Layla) said...

Wow, how cool about that 97 year old lady. I feel kidna young all of a sudden.

Pat said...

In terms of eternity I am young! I like that thought!

Kansas Bob said...

I think that you have summed up my thinking on Karen at 50..

"I'm old in my soul, but young at heart"

..your young heart and beautiful spirit comes through in every post Karen.. but I gotta get to your other blog.. now that I know about it :)

karen said...

Barbara and Pat...yup we're still young!
KB...thanks! You're so kind! Come on over to Say What?!?