Wednesday, December 26, 2007

When blogworlds collide.....'s a good thing!
Missy and her wonderful family lunched with me and my sons here in Texas! Our visit was short, but we were grateful for the time and enjoyed ourselves! Gracie had fun with the kids, as well! Nice to spend face-to-face time and give a hug.
(Missy says she'll be back online soon!)


NoVA Dad said...

I'm so glad it was such a good visit; I would love to be able to meet some of my blog buddies in the future. And I look forward to checking out Missy's blog.

Hope you had a great Christmas!

Kansas Bob said...

What a blessing.. when are you all coming to Kansas?

Maybe we need to move to WARM Texas.. I have lived there twice already.. El Paso and Houston.. maybe I need to try another part of the state.. not sure that I like the sound of Texas Bob :)

Missy said...

Karen, I have been struggling with disappointment that our visit was so short and that it took 1/3 of the time getting my family as comfortable with a stranger as I am. But then I stop to think that in about 20 minutes it all felt like family! Your boys running out for pizza on a day no one wanted to work - you have incredible kids, btw. I would be so lucky if my boys are as much like Kyle & Grant as we think they might be. :)

After I left, a few joyful tears fell as I thought, wow, I think I have a friend for life here. Thanks for giving us some of your time - it was my favorite Christmas present (yes, even better than a laptop!).

karen said...

It was so cool to see you and meet the family! The fact that Kyle and Grant came out and STAYED...well, that speaks volumes! Amazing how our first and last born sons are alike!
Maybe I'll trip on up to MA and make a side trip!
We need to visit KB...and his church!