Thursday, March 30, 2006

Ramblin' again....

Okay, with all the stuff going on, I've apparently gone off the deep end. I just sat for 15 minutes trying to discover the identity of the new Brawny Man (it's a secret). Patchouli had posted a website that is an absolute hoot.
Innocent Escapes
I am pathetic.
I last few blogs have been less than, well, shall we just say....intellectual?
Perhaps it's because....
um, because.....
Oh, heck. It's just because, all right?? I'm in a state of flux. My art work is changing, my thought process is changing. Life is kind of a bundle of poop right now, and dang it, I'm looking for some
Here's another one. The guys will appreciate this one:

Matrix Pong
I apologize in advance for the free condom ad above the actual ping pong.

Anyway...I'm still waiting and biting my lip to get bills for last costs for Sidney's funeral; and then my disabled brother injured himself and I had to stay at his place and tend him for a bit. I slept on the floor, and if anyone wants to know how old they are in physical terms, well, just sleep on the floor. I figured I was around, oh, 30. Turns out I'm 96. Go figure.

Anyway, I know you're feeling sorry for my bro. He's okay. He has Cerebellar Atrophy. His motor functions are not good, he walks with difficulty, and has a whole range of problems. Heck, I feel very sorry for him. He worked as a data base administrator for many years, amassed a sum of money for his retirement and got laid off about 2-3 years ago. So, between his small fortune and SS, he is well set financially. Still doesn't make up for the sucky physical stuff, though. I'd have even more sympathy for him if he would just be a LITTLE NICER to me.....

I have been thinking about things of a physical and metaphysical nature. Does that count as intellectual? There's a blog where these 2 fellows who have fallen out of love with "religion" make their cases, and I got caught up with one of them in a discussion about whether the conscious mind dies with the physical brain. I soon discovered that they win arguments by wearing people out. Anyway, my stance is: although there have been many experiments concerning conscious thought, memories, NDE's and OBE's; there is no proof either way that the conscious mind exists or DOESN'T exist beyond the death of the brain. This one fellow is darn sure that science has proven POSITIVELY that the conscious mind (or what he says we "religious people who believe in the Jesus myth" all call the spirit or soul) dies with the brain. Death. Poof. Over. The end. Nada. Nil. Gone. Kaput.

Well, my educational background started in science, and I LOVE to see things proven, but this one just hasn't been proven. Can you see the world if it had been? Okay...say that science has proven there is no soul/spirit. Churches/temples/mosques close down. People get depressed. Film at 11. There is nothing beyond this life. Folks either start living LARGE or just give up. Wouldn't that be interesting? What about if they proved that there IS a soul? Hmmm. What would that scenario be like? Help me out here......

Either way...we don't know. There's probably a reason for that. Science keeps trying to get down to the quarkiness of the brain and all of its functions, and it just hasn't gotten there yet. We, as Christians, are pretty darn faithful in our belief that there IS something out there, something beyond. I've had OBE's before, I have friends that have had them as well. We can't prove these things, of course, but they do give us pause...and a faith in things beyond what we can fathom right now. Phillip Yancy, in his book "Rumors" quotes, I think, Tolstoy:
"Materialists mistake the limits of life for life itself."

That is such a statement. My kids went to a school where it was darn near illegal to mention God, but the teachers in the science and humanities dept. could spew such New Age stuff like: "all truth is relative."
Well, in my world....Truth is truth and unless it's proven to be TRUTH, it's not truth. It's an opinion, a supposition, a theory, or belief.
Let's listen to some murderer or molester tell us that it's his/her "truth" that it's okay to commit such crimes. Their "truth" is relative, right?
I thought these "teachers" might be very open minded at first, but when I realized that the only thing that they believe in is that which is right before their eyes; that which they can touch, see, hear, etc., I realized that they are stuck in this particular time period in history. Perhaps we can't PROVE some things, but it doesn't mean they might not exist. Years ago, atoms, molecules, cells, and a host of other things were not even concepts; yet here they are. What was not even imagined is now real. How much more is out there?

Anyway, could I ramble even more? Maybe I should change the name of my blog to Rambling Rose or something. Oops. Too late. Taken.

If you're interested in any websites about experiments of this conscious nature stuff, email me, or just google away.
I personally have the faith that we exist beyond, because of my faith in Jesus, His story, and His promise. Next time, maybe I'll tell ya why.


Bar Bar A said...

If there is some rule that says all posts have to be intellecutal I better quit right now!!!!

I like it when people just say whatever it is that's on their mind. I'll look at those links later :)

Paige said...

ya know I have read studies (couldn't quote any) that stated when people are prayed for -even when they do no know it- there in impovement in their health both physcially & mentaly.
I am no intellecutal wiz therefor it makes no never mind to me. I enjoy reading you when I get the chance.

Karen said...

You both are intellectual in my book...I love your insights!

I actually heard a study where a large group of people prayed for a 25% reduction in the summer time crime in D.C.....never publicized...and the crime went down 25% that summer.....
Patchouli and I and another friend prayed for a wicked woman teacher at our kids' school...she never knew, but she actually changed into a pretty decent gal.

Patchouli said...

If they are right and there is no "hereafter," I have nothing to lose. If I am right, they have everything to lose.

Kansas Bob said...

Intellectual-Intesmlecktical ... I loved the ping-pong link.

Karen said...

That ping pong was fun!
'Chouli finds most of these....