Friday, March 03, 2006

Luncheon comments of the first kind....

Writing a lot today; a client webpage, and another brochure.

I turned down a big job yesterday (not something I do often)...but it was SO labor intensive and required at least 6 arms, maybe 7. I figured if I can't handle the Pilates...wellll....
It was "Wallpapering" four 6x9 foot full sheets of muslin that I would prime, cover with joint compound, dry, paint and dry, and then rollup and crack. If I want to wrestle stuff up over my head in a small space and sweat a lot while having junk fall on me, I'll go clean a closet or something. I also have to come up with a life size drawing of a fat little bichon frise and some birds to finish out a garden mural.

Okay, still struggling with the Pilates thing....I think my warrior personality wants to do something violent for exercise (aren't you glad you're not around?), so maybe back to the Tai Bo thing, iron level permitting. I'm feeling pretty darn strong. I think I'll get out my mini-trampoline and jog on that for a while. ADHD? Me? Nah!

Still contemplating the God stuff. There seems to be a thread going about how to handle differences in beliefs; for example...when a church has their "statement of beliefs" that's one thing....they sort of "weed out" the "riff-raff" who might otherwise try to change them.

It's a whole 'nuther picture when the "church" is without steeple, and the Body is here, right now, all over the place.



Lori said...

Hey Karen

My daughter and I purchased Pilates for dummies and it is great.

you must try it


Lori said...

Yes I am the Lori that emailed you.

The Real

Paige said...

No pilates for me. That big 'ol ball... well let me say, I LOVE my balance & rolling gripping & even hugging a ball is not for me. But yall go ahead. I'll just watch & try to not laugh {much}.
The church is all around & full of glory for those who choose to see it. All will see when it is meant for them to see. That work you stayed 5 or 10 minutes late, to do last night, keep you out of the big 5 car pile up. When "slow pokes" get in front of me, I try to think it is for a good reason that I can not see or even fathom. Would I even want too?