Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Honesty with God....

Developing an intimate relationship with our Father is something to which many Christians really haven't given a lot of thought...or effort. That may seem weird, but I know that it's true.

When I decided that there was a God, that was good. But at that first revelation, I didn't have a relationship with Him. Acknowledging people wandering around you doesn't make a relationship with them. Until you can get real, get honest, maybe squabble with the Lord or even try to wrestle a blessing, you're still on the first date. He made us in His image, but obviously with the ability to really screw up. And we're all good at that. It's a fallen world, but with Jesus came grace and mercy. What an incredible gift and testimony to His unfailing love!

We all get mad at God at some point, if you say you never have, I suspect you're lying....and our spirits can fall. Yeah, that's either us or darker spiritual forces poking at us...whatever your take on it, it happens...and God knows every miss-step. Completely. And, He understands. He does! Are we to suppose that we can hide any thought from Him? Shall we walk around with fake smiles on our faces? Well, sure, go ahead. We can fool people, but never our Abba Father.

No, I think when the going gets really tough, it's better to be down on the floor, slobbering, weeping, angry even, at our circumstances or even with our Father....completely naked before Him, broken. No guilt about our weaknesses, our sicknesses, our faults. He knows every single one of them. The important thing is that we DO take them to Him! That's what He wants! He wants us to turn to Him; for answers, for comfort, for a RELATIONSHIP! We can't handle stuff by ourselves, and it is especially through these moments of raw honesty and broken-ness that we develop a most beautiful and intimate relationship with Him.


C. Fish said...

Thank you for this post. It is good to know that what I'm going through is understood by someone else.

The Joy of relationships is that no matter even if you get mad at each other there is still Love.

bjk said...

Thank you....I am so glad I have found you and your writings....the path is hard sometimes and we all need someone to walk it with us...I need to see more...I need to listen more....thanks

Larry said...

I'm continually amazed at how few followers of Jesus know what you've written about. God is supposed to be distant, we learn, and we pass that on to others.

Why is it that Christians become more concerned with fitting in among other Christians than in building a friendship with their Father? Why is it that when Christians get together casually they never talk about God? Do we want to look normal?

Fortunately, God is patient. He'll keep teaching at the level I permit. It took him about 30 years to get through to me the idea that He would be with me every day if I'd let him. And that's when life started to get interesting. Maybe that's why people keep their distant. God had to let me get close to self-destruction before I'd get serious about seeing Him for who he is rather that what I was taught.

Yes, by all means. Get down on the ground and wrestle. Get dirty. God may well dislocate your hip but you'll know him better. His touch is real and life-giving.

If there were one thing I could do for Christians it would be to show them the details of a broken-down man being rebuilt by God's patient, kindly ministrations. I encourage you: go after him! Purusue God! He will reward you with Himself. It's sort of like dancing on the edge of an abyss with a whirlwind, but be assured this whirlwind has a strong grip on you and won't let go.

I think my approach to life might not be so sunny, Karen, if I had to put up with the daily challenges you have. I get upset when the bus is late. Hold onto your God. He's not tame, but he is good.