Sunday, February 19, 2006

doGmA backwards...


I just thought that was interesting.


Dave said...

Good call Karen.

Hi from Dave in Scotland and thanks for dropping by.

I think your 18 yr old might have hit on something! Maybe God does want you to chill out for a while.

About two years ago a guy in our fellowship shared a 'picture' that the Lord had given him. Now Alastair always has a 'picture' to share and a lot of the time I would just switch off when he came out the front to testify - Oh it's just Alastair again. Anyaway this time that he shared about this picture really made me sit up and take notice.

He spoke about a salmon ladder in the river; the salmon ladder in the river has resting pools; sometimes God allows us to be in the resting pool. We want to get on and 'do stuff' but sometimes we have to take time out in the resting pool.

Bless you and yours Karen

Karen said...

Thanks, Dave....I'll take my time in the resting pool! I like that story.
Blessings to you and Kriss, too. I hope her pain is lessened.

Simon said...

Yeah i thought've that too, just yesterday...great minds ay!?. Tis definately odd. There are a few words like that that spin me a bit. Evil backwards is live. Devil backwards is lived.....hmmm.
Hmmm backwards is mmmh...wonder what that means!? ....:)

Big blessing to ya Karen

Paige said...

Sorry for the unrelated comment; I just ran across someone who needs prayers & was hoping you & your readers could oblige. There a little girl who had a heart transplant & is rejecting the heart. Here is the link
to read her story. Thanks yall